Yes, September is all about writing your novel. But … there’s a lot more

Learn more about TimThese days, it seems like everyone wants to write a book. Have you noticed this?

It’s admirable, quite frankly.

But the truth is, not everyone will do it. Not by a long shot.

In fact, if you were to get started now and follow through on writing your novel, you would belong to a very small, elite club of people who managed to summon the will to actually sit down and do it.

And that’s HUGE.

So, how about it?

September 1st is almost here, and it’s your perfect opportunity.

We’re getting a great big group of writers together for the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge … a 21-day writing jamboree where you’ll be challenged to write 1,000 words each day.

Just to, you know, bring a brand-new novel into the world. ‘Cause that’s just how you roll.

But that’s not all. Our online writing community, ChapterBuzz, helps you to …

Make connections with people. Build your readership. Make friends with other writers in our discussion group. Get feedback on your writing, and offer your own critiques of others’ work. Build your online presence as an author. Stand out, over time, as one of our best writers.

All this to say … September is about so much more than just writing a novel. It’s the launchpad for your writing career!

Don’t wait until September, though—you’ll want to sign up early to get started exploring our community, meeting people …

… and, of course, getting your ideas together.

We’ve got plenty of writing prompts, discussions, and inspiration from famous authors to help you do it.

That way, you can hit the ground running on the 1st.

I’m excited to welcome you. Let’s write!

What do you think?

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