A book signing by this time next year? Let’s make it happen!

Learn more about TimAugust 2022 will be a very special month.


Because that’s the month your friends and family will gather around for …

… your big book release party!

And it will be a huge celebration, because publishing a book is a milestone that so few ever reach.

Being the author of a book—a book that is published and out there for people to buy—is a huge leg up in life.

After all, why do you think people wait in line for an author to sign their book? It’s because it’s so rare they ever actually meet an author! And they want proof that it happened 🙂

The first step to the life you’ve imagined is to write and write and write, every single day.

You probably already knew that.

But I’ve got just the thing: the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge. It starts September 1st (hurry, get in now!), and runs for 21 days.

In that time, you’ll feel a shift within yourself.

At first you might wonder what it is.

But I’m here to tell you …

That’s what it feels like when a dream becomes reality.

The power to become a published author lies within you—and only you.

This is because …

Only you can decide that you’re perfectly capable of writing a novel, which you most certainly are.

Only you can take charge of your life and set out on the road to literary achievement.

Only you can jump on board, starting today, starting now, and become the prolific author you want to be.

You’ve dreamed about it, now do it. Take charge today by joining us in the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge.

Write your heart out. Change your life.

What do you think?

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