Writing a novel? Here’s how to make sure it happens (even with a busy life)

Learn more about TimYou know what the hardest part of writing a novel is? Actually sitting down to write.

It’s tough! Life gets in the way: You have a demanding job. A family to take care of. A social life that’s starting to blossom again.

Simply put, you’re getting pulled in every direction, and sitting down to write often takes a back seat.

But here’s a way to make sure it happens: the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge.

It’s 21 days of pure 1,000-words-a-day writing bliss, starting September 1st.

Best of all, it’s free.

Each day, you’ll check in (this proves you showed up, ready to get to work), then write 1,000 words.

Then, you can post your word count so we can all see the progress you’ve made.

What does this do? It holds you accountable for showing up, creates a habit of writing every day, and of course, helps you make steady progress on your novel.

All this in just 21 days.

Can you imagine how productive you’ll feel after writing at least 21,000 words?

Whether your novel is a blank page or halfway done, you are welcome to join us. We are welcoming writers of all skill levels, from total beginners to published authors.

As we all connect through daily discussions, some will do more learning, others more teaching … but the idea is that we all help each other write better novels.

All I ask for is an hour of your time each day.

You read that right: just one hour!

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, in the middle of the night, or over lunch (is there a better way to spend a lunch break than pursuing your dream? I say there’s not), you can actually write a novel without spending all of your valuable time on it.

Since a typical chapter is between 2–3,000 words, at the end of the Challenge you’ll be about 10 chapters into your novel. That’s one heck of a good start.

You’ll also be able to start building your Fan Club (your Fan Club helps you cover the costs of self-publishing), get feedback on your chapters (and give your own input and ideas to others), and meet other writers who share your lofty goals.

Don’t let your dream fall by the wayside!

We all want to see you succeed, so grab your spot in the Challenge before it starts!

See you there,
Tim | About me

2 thoughts on “Writing a novel? Here’s how to make sure it happens (even with a busy life)

  1. This sounds like a great challenge! I’m actually finishing up my book (memoir) that is taking longer than I thought. So I’ll have to pass on this. I decided to publish the book myself with the help of family rather than send it into a company for formatting. At the end, it’ll be a great accomplishment and I’ll know how the system works for the next time around. Thanks for sharing this challenge and good luck!

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