Writers! What are your goals for 2022?

Learn more about TimAs the end of 2021 approaches (I know … what?!), it’s time to declare our writing goals for 2022.

Are you in? Please comment below with what you’d like to achieve in the coming year.

At ChapterBuzz, our writing & publishing platform, I work with a lot of novelists who are all at different stages of writing their novels. Some are still getting their ideas together, others are halfway through, others have already published.

But no matter where you are now, the whole idea is to keep moving forward every day.

This means it’s time to start planning for 2022 … by making a quick list of what you’d like to get done.

So please leave your comment below, telling us:

  • What are your writing goals for 2022?
  • And for extra credit: what is the biggest obstacle that stands in your way? How can you overcome this?

Leave your comment (and feel free to reply to others). We can all help each other out!


8 thoughts on “Writers! What are your goals for 2022?

  1. Hi Timothy, I published my new book in September, More than Coffee: Memories in Verse and Prose, so that was a goal attained for this year. It is a memoir written in poetry and short stories. I’m now working on my next book for 2022, which will be a compilation of poetry, as well, along with fiction short stories. I’m new at fiction, so this genre is my challenge – the biggest obstacle.
    By the way, I found your blog from Debby’s. Anyway, I enjoy your informational posts.
    Take care, Lauren

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  2. I am in the process of writing one novel and editing another, so in 2022 I would like to complete both of these as well as writing more short stories on my website on WordPress.
    This last year has been a real game-changer with my writing and I am now devoting a lot more time to it I hope to carry this on into 2022.

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