A hot cup of coffee … and this week’s RGB (Really Good Book)!

Don’t miss this week’s outstanding book, found on Tim’s Discovery List. I invite you to follow my new blog!

Tim's Discovery List

Timothy Pike | About me Every week, I like to highlight a book from Tim’s Discovery List that really stands out.

With your help, I’m putting together a giant Excel spreadsheet full of self-published books that absolutely hit the mark … with the reviews to prove it.

Woods through fog at dusk If, for some unfathomable reason, you find this scene inviting, you are going to love this week’s Really Good Book. (J MAD)

But before we dive in, have you discovered (or written) a great self-published book? Let us know here and I’ll add it to the list.

(And if you can link to a review about it, even better. Your book could be the next one featured here!)

In front of me, I have the latest edition of Tim’s Discovery List (which you can download here), and our featured book this week is …

Hang on, let me take a…

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