Readers are looking for your book. But how do you find them?

Learn more about TimSo you’ve got a self-published book that’s looking for more readers.

Readers, meanwhile, would love to get their hands on your novel—if only they knew about it.

They want to find great books that haven’t soared up the charts yet. They want to read something that, you know, not every single other person is reading. They want to make an exciting discovery, and then tell their friends about it.

But a reader who’s looking for a book that’s not mainstream doesn’t always know where to look.

And if your book isn’t on the bestseller list, they’re going to have a hard time finding it.

When they go onto Amazon, all they see is the bestsellers. The reason for this is obvious: Amazon has complex algorithms—that are driven by profit—that promote only the books that are already selling well.

These algorithms make Amazon a lot of money, but in the process, they end up burying some really great novels.

I want to help readers find those books that got buried in the big “Amazon book pile.”

Self-published books that, perhaps like yours, just need to generate some momentum in order to pop through and become more visible on Amazon.

So how do you match up readers with these hidden gems they’re sure to love?

For years I puzzled over how to do this. And not long ago, it hit me.

I’d create an Excel spreadsheet—that we could all contribute to—listing books we’ve written, books we’ve read, books we’ve reviewed.

Books, above all, that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

That spreadsheet, Tim’s Discovery List, matches up readers with self-published books they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Since it’s just your basic Excel spreadsheet, readers can put the List in any order they like.

The spreadsheet format is simple and easy to use, not complex or profit driven. And it’s a great way to bypass the algorithms that make Amazon so much money—while revealing a trove of buried treasure.

Readers can order the spreadsheet any way they want. They can find books in their favorite genres, books that are moving up, books with the most praise, books with no praise yet (why not dig up some underdogs?), or books that were just added. You can add yours here, in fact.

In this way, Tim’s Discovery List puts readers in control, so they can more easily find your book.

Guess what happens when readers can sort the entire Discovery List in the order they want?

That’s right: they find the perfect match.

And your book could be exactly what they’re looking for. Care to add it to the List?

I’m Timothy Pike, copy editor and self-publishing coach, and I’ve been in the book business since 2014. I created the writing and reading community ChapterBuzz to help authors publish their books affordably, and founded Books & Buzz Magazine to showcase prominent authors, reviewers, and books. Join our private book society on Facebook!

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