Writers, it’s time to brag about … this!

I’d love to hear your brag about your latest writing success, big or small. I reblogged this from my new blog, Tim’s Discovery List, so please add your comment here on the original post. To your success! ~Tim

Tim's Discovery List

Timothy Pike | About me Becoming a published author is a mental feat of strength.

It’s a goal that, just like hitting the gym to sculpt that beach bod, is achieved one day, one workout, one rep at a time.

Writing a novel requires courage, patience, drive, and a large shovel?you know, to scoop away all the B.S. many of our brains spew right onto the path in front of us, by flinging out thoughts like I’m not the best writer. No one will like this. It’s too big of a project.

Woman lifting barbell Actual photograph of an indie author’s mind as it works hard to make that first published book a reality (Leon Ardho) Powering past these piles of mind dung and getting back on track demands some heavy lifting, so whenever you do this, it’s worthy of major kudos.

Which is why today, I’m asking you…

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