Breaking free from a lifetime of guilt: author D.G. Kaye’s emotional journey

Check out this week’s featured book on my new Tim’s Discovery List blog!

Tim's Discovery List

Every week, I choose one book from Tim’s Discovery List to feature for all of our readers.

And this week, that book is Conflicted Hearts: A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt by Canadian author D.G. Kaye.

View from a mountaintop Once we conquer the mountain of finding Every Self-Published Book Worth Reading, we’ll be sort of, uh, stuck at the top. Let’s hope it’s a nice view … (Denis Linine) Have you read this book? You can help it move up to the #1 spot on the Discovery List by telling us how much you liked it or writing a review!

We’ve got a real mountain to climb in our quest to find Every Self-Published Book Worth Reading, so I hope you’ve packed a lunch.

(Also, once we’ve reached the summit, there’s no way back down, so I hope you really, really enjoy the view from the top…

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