April is the month: Write the first chapter of your novel with us!

Learn more about TimWant to get that first chapter written?

How about a first chapter that makes readers forget they were doing anything else and keep turning the pages?

How about a first chapter that makes readers happy they picked up your book out of all the other books?

How about a first chapter that will make your debut novel read like it was written by a seasoned pro?

In the first 30 days of the 365-Day Indie Author Challenge, this is exactly what you’ll do as you learn the secrets of writing an outstanding first chapter.

Okay, these aren’t “secrets,” exactly. They’re valuable techniques and powerful tips you can use to write a first chapter that claws readers in and won’t let them go.

But they will forever remain secrets—to you—if you never learn them!

Join us for the 365-Day Indie Author Challenge. We’ll start by getting your ideas together, then develop them into a first chapter that readers will love.

It all starts next week! Are you in?

I’m Timothy Pike, copy editor and self-publishing coach, and I’ve been in the book business since 2014. I created the 365-Day Indie Author Challenge to help authors write and publish excellent books in just one year.

What do you think?

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