“Cursed with undeath”: Check out this dark fantasy novel

Today, we have a dark fantasy novel for you to read!

The Vampire Masquerade: A Dark Fantasy Novel
by Virginia Rose

A princess loses her family and her kingdom when a vampire cult attacks. Now cursed with undeath, her deathless life has a single purpose: revenge.

So far, Virginia has posted 5 chapters for you to read:

Chapter 1
Lost and Found

Victoria grunted as her feet hit the ground. She steadied herself against her horse, glad to be out of the saddle. The ride back into town had been a long, slow, and bumpy trek through the forest. Riven snorted and nudged her impatiently towards the hitch outside the storefront near the water trough. She patted his flank, taking hold of his reins and tying him to the hitching post. While he drank, she unloaded the rabbits she had strung on the back of the saddle and headed into the butcher shop.

The Vampire MasqueradeThe bell on the door rang as Victoria entered the store. The butcher, a burly, straw-blond man named Louis, looked up from the chicken he was currently cutting up at the counter for a customer. He had blood spattered up his arms and in his thick mustache that hid half his mouth from view. He looked up at her and smiled.

“The huntress returns,” he said, eying the string of rabbits that she had slung over her shoulder. “A good haul this time.”

“There’s a buck out on the horse for you as well. The forest was generous this go around,” Victoria said.

Read the rest on ChapterBuzz!

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