This time, it’s different. Here are 3 reasons why

Learn more about TimAs writers, we often need to pull open that mental drawer and dust off our list of life goals.

We may also need to pull open that real drawer and dust off that old manuscript that never quite saw the light of day.

Remember that brilliant story you started writing but never finished?

Whatever efforts may have fallen flat in the past should not keep you from looking to the future, and feeling certain that …

… should you give it another shot …

this time, it will be different, and you’ll succeed the way you’ve always wanted to.

So take a look at these 3 reasons I thought of for why you might be feeling this way, and why giving it another shot is a great idea.

How many of these am I right about?

1. You’re ready now. When something doesn’t work out the way you want, it usually means you’re simply not ready for it. It’s one of life’s many ways of keeping us on the path of what’s right for us, even if sometimes it seems like the world is working against us. But believe me, what happened in the past has all been for the best. So even if the timing was off before, you can tell you’re simply feeling a lot more ready now.

2. Life has calmed down. Before, when things kept coming up, it was distracting to the point where you couldn’t find the time to write anymore—let alone summon your creative genius to put a whole story together in your mind. But now, you have a little more breathing room, and a few more minutes in your day for pursuing long-time goals, such as writing a novel.

3. Now, you have a plan. Wait, no I don’t, you may be thinking. I beg to differ! The 365-Day Indie Author Challenge is starting soon, and it’s a year-long guided journey to writing your first (or next) novel. This is how you take all of your ideas and learn expert tricks to organize them into a finished first chapter—and that’s just the first 30 days. Plus, in the company of all these other writers, it’s a lot easier to stick with it and succeed. See? Now, you have a plan!

No matter what you’ve tried before, or whatever the reason it didn’t work out, you just know that deep down, it’ll be different this time.

It’s amazing how one year can make all the difference, and you are ready for that big change.

A published book, beautiful book cover, growing audience, and a new group of writers to brainstorm with means that a year from now, it’s that glow of achievement—instead of the nagging doubt from the past—that you’ll be feeling.

Just don’t be surprised when people notice the extra pep in your step and gleam in your eye!

Now, over to you:

Have you ever tried writing a novel before where it didn’t work out? What happened? Are you feeling ready to try again?

Comments welcome below!

5 thoughts on “This time, it’s different. Here are 3 reasons why

  1. So far, each book I’ve tried to write has worked out. However, I’ve only written one poetry book, and one historical fiction novel. My novel was based on Genesis and so I had a wonderful outline already set for me to use. This time I want to attempt to write a fantasy novel. I have a couple of ideas that started from dreams, but I’m not sure where to go from there. Hopefully this next year will prove to be helpful and I can sort everything out.

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      • Wow, cool! That’s a world that pulls you right in. What really stood out to me was this passage:

        Those who were mentally strong enough could travel instantaneously through mind control. Others who lacked this ability were at the mercy of those who could.

        This almost sounds like foreshadowing to me, like it will play a central role later in the story, as either an obstacle for your main character or something that comes in handy in a tight spot.

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      • Thank you for reading about my dream and giving me some wonderful feedback. It’s always exciting when another author can read what you’ve written and feel pulled in by what’s there. I’ve saved your comment for further contemplation on what you said about the foreshadowing part. I’m glad you mentioned that to me because it gives me something to think about as I begin to piece together all of my ideas. Thank you so much! 🙂

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