Are you an indie author? Help us out: have you ever talked to a bookstore manager?

Learn more about TimThe Indie Author Success Network—which I hope you join—is a brand-new way for you to connect with other writers and discover new tips and tricks to help you succeed as an independent author of novels.

And now, I’d like to put you in the spotlight.

Indie authors often find themselves on the front lines of promoting their own books, and today, I’m especially interested to know if you’ve ever dealt with a local bookstore in your effort to spread the word about the novel you wrote.

Here’s my question:

Have you ever talked to a bookstore manager?

Maybe you were hoping to sell your book there as a local author …

… or arrange a book signing event …

… or simply make a connection.

How did you do it? For example, how did you first get in touch, was the process easy, what were the requirements? How did the event go, or how long did you end up selling there?

Please leave a comment and let us know! I’ll use your story as inspiration for all the aspiring indie authors who are signing up for the network.

Make sure you include a link to your book so I can let everyone know where to buy it!

This is the exact reason I created the Indie Author Success Network: it’s indie authors helping indie authors to succeed.

What do you think?

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