As one of the few, you’re in the company of esteemed writers

Learn more about TimIt’s a club few ever make it into: the esteemed society of published authors.

Even these days, when anybody can self-publish, there’s still a huge barrier to bringing a story from your imagination all the way to the bookshelf.

That barrier is not your ability to write, nor your ability to tell a story. These things can be learned. No, the barrier is just … yourself.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith on the level of Hemingway, Morrison, King, or Lee to write a book that captivates readers—I mean, have you read some of the popular works of the last decade or two? Some of the most mainstream books (I won’t call them out by name) are from authors who could use a refresher course in the art of writing … yet their stories capture the imaginations of readers everywhere.

And that’s what’s important. You simply have to be driven, passionate about your craft, and ready to tell your story.

In short, you have to want it.

They say “80% of success is just showing up,” but I think that’s only because showing up is no small feat in itself. There’s no “just” about showing up. When you show up, it means you already harbor a great deal of the desire you need to follow through—and the guts to do it.

And sure, we’ll call that 80%. Sounds about right to me.

Yet still, it’s that last 20% that trips up many an aspiring novelist, because it requires discipline, focus, and courage to make it through the home stretch, and not everyone has this kind of mental fortitude.

If you can’t wait to get started, the 365-Day Indie Author Challenge is just around the corner, yours for the conquering.

Writer, if you give it your all, and you want it badly enough, then success is yours … along with admission to an esteemed club only the most dedicated ever make it into.

Not to mention that steeping yourself in the company of success-minded writers only lifts you to greater heights!

What do you think?

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