With a week left, don’t get stuck NOT writing a novel this year

Learn more about TimImagine, for a moment, the next 12 months of your life.

You COULD be spending each day …

  • Writing each morning as the sun comes up, or typing out your latest exciting chapter deep into the late night hours. Really, whatever time of day you enjoy most and feel most productive. Wouldn’t it be great to get back into that writing routine again?
  • Learning the best ways to bring your ideas together and structure your plot. Just think of all the possibilities for your characters, scenes, settings, and plot twists!
  • Telling friends to go check out your published book on Amazon … around this time next year.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Now, imagine NOT doing any of that.

See the difference?

The power to succeed as a novelist is in your hands—literally—so come join us on a year-long adventure writing your novel.

I’ll look for you!

What do you think?

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