I’ll accept no debate: Fall is the best time to write a novel

Learn more about TimThe writing journey of a lifetime starts just as the weather turns crisp.

It’s time for the next 365-Day Indie Author Challenge, and I’ve added two more start dates: September 1st and October 1st.

This is the time of year I look forward to sipping warm beverages on cold mornings and spending late evenings filling pages with words.

Fall window scene

Photo credit: Ioana Motoc

With dusk arriving earlier every day, all it takes is your mind—buzzing with new ideas for characters and possible plot twists—to fill any room with the bright light of creativity.

Let’s take those ideas and, with the help of the lessons I send you each day, focus them into a tight narrative that will keep readers curled up on their couches and beds for hours on end.

You’ll still have plenty of time for long walks in the fresh, clear autumn air every day. You know, those invigorating walks that always seem to replenish your thirst for adventure, exploration, and a new direction in life?

As the cool days of autumn set in, the wind kicks up, and colorful leaves swirl just outside your window, consider spending the time writing. Throughout the coming season, and as the chilly rain gives way to flakes of snow, you’ll be working toward an achievement that so many only dream about.

Whether you choose to start on September 1st or October 1st, you’ll still be able to write & publish a book that will be released in plenty of time for it to be wrapped in a bow and placed under many a decorated tree next holiday season.

Try as you might, you’ll never change my mind: fall is simply the best time of year to write a novel.

Do you agree? I’m willing to entertain other opinions below 🙂

What do you think?

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