Aspiring novelists, laptops ready, take their seats in class

A group of students ready to get to work. (cottonbro)

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30 — Just ahead of the Thursday start of a year-long novel-writing program, aspiring novelists are settling into a virtual writing space to get busy accomplishing what for many has been the dream of a lifetime.

These writers are participating in the 365-Day Indie Author Challenge, and with the goal of publishing a book by year’s end, “challenge” is a fitting word.

“This is the fourth time we’ve run this challenge, and I’m thrilled to welcome our new group of writers,” said Timothy Pike, creator of the program. “It’s been a wonderful experience so far, and it’s always so exciting to see what our writers will create.”

Many are first-time novelists who will be learning as they go, but others are veteran authors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience—and a willingness to help their fellow writers.

Seeing their literary creations in book form and ready for readers to buy has been a top priority for these writers, even if it’s a goal that has at times seemed out of reach. All the same, the opportunity to buckle down and achieve something so monumental is alluring. “I just signed up. So excited,” one participant said.

The Challenge starts Thursday, September 1, and registration is currently open.

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