Your 365-day guide to writing a novel

Learn more about TimIt’s time to achieve your biggest writing dream!

If you’ve always wanted to write a novel and publish it for the world to read, here’s your chance.

The 365-Day Indie Author Challenge is a year-long, interactive course that will take you from blank page to published book—in other words, the start of your career as an indie author!

We kick off on March 1st this year, and it’s free to join.

In just the first 14 days, we’ll cover:

  • How much planning should you do?
  • Turning your idea into a story
  • How to write an elevator pitch
  • Where to find inspiration for more ideas
  • Let’s create your first setting
  • Why write a synopsis?
  • How to write a killer first sentence
  • How to make your first paragraph entice readers
  • Breathing life into your main character
  • How to write a first chapter that pops

The rest of the year teaches all aspects of writing a novel, editing, self-publishing, social media for authors, and book launch.

Join us for the Challenge and you’ll have access to all 365 daily lessons for free.

But you’ll also get to meet other writers who are just as motivated as you are to write & publish their novels this year in our writer forum, a friendly place for us to meet, share, and learn.

This year, let’s get it done!

What do you think?

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