The ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge

The Challenge starts March 1. What’s it all about?

Write 10,000 words.

This is your chance to add 10,000 words to your novel, whether it’s currently a blank page or halfway done.

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Get feedback (or not).

Some writers love getting feedback as they work, others want little to none until they’re finished. The choice is yours!

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Post your word count.

Show off your progress and keep yourself on track by posting your daily word count.

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You could even win a writing award.

Several awards, in a variety of categories, will be given to writers at the end of the Challenge.

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What writers are saying…

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to work so hard for something before. The morning I opened the email informing me The Girl with White Hair had won an award, I was half asleep and squinting to read the screen. There was this pause where I processed it, followed by the biggest flood of relief and sense of achievement. I’d written for hours on the last night of the challenge trying to hit that 10,000 word mark and I am so happy that I managed to get through and finish.”

Bexx Matthews, winner, Most Buzz Award October 2017

“This Challenge was a huge boost for my writing and my ego. It was refreshing to receive so much feedback on my work-in-progress that I can’t stop now. Thank you for creating this amazing opportunity.”

Dacia Arnold, winner, Most Buzz Award March 2017

“The Challenge pushed me to write more than I ever have before—every day—which in itself has given me so much pleasure. I have made a start on my very first novel, which is something I’d always thought only other people did! The sense of pride and personal achievement is immense. I have made some new friends who share my enthusiasm and excitement in the process. I think that’s one of the crucial elements, actually: to be encouraged by a community of writers who understand how difficult the process can be. Truth be told, after I reached the high of achieving the target of 10,000 words, I was very disappointed that it was all over. I am convinced that this month will absolutely stand out as one of the high points of this year for me.”

Liberty Henwick, winner, Fan Favorite Award

“I loved the Challenge. I work anywhere from 36-74 hours a week so the lower daily word count made this Challenge very managable for me. I also love that I’ve been able to connect with other writers, which is something I’ve always found a bit difficult to do.”

—Sibille Rose, author of A Crack in the Mirror

Join us!

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