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It’s your dream to become a published author. Are you ready?

There are plenty of excuses not to write a book: “My writing just isn’t good enough.” “What if I do all the work and no one likes it?” And the most common, “I don’t even know where to start.” These thoughts could keep you from the literary success you aspire to.

Meanwhile, the dream won’t let go. You can already feel that finished book in your hand. Hear all the compliments from readers. See them turning the pages of your novel with bated breath, captivated by your words.

Could it be more than a dream?

From dream to reality…

ChapterBuzz offers you a new way to journey from brainstorm to bookshelf. Getting there is half the fun, after all!

Along the way, you can connect with other writers, fine-tune your chapters with friendly feedback from our community, build buzz for your novel-in-progress, move up the charts, and rise to sitewide stardom by collecting Fame Points.

As your story unfolds, your readership grows, and your confidence builds, you may just find that your dream of publishing is much closer than you thought. The best part? You’ll know readers already love your book before it hits the shelves.

Set goals. Move forward. Finish your book!

What’s the most exciting way to tell a story? One chapter at a time, of course!

ChapterBuzz gives you an easy-to-use platform that puts your writing front and center, where it should be.

Fans and Fame await you.

Earn Fame Points just by doing what you love: writing and reading. The higher your Fame Score, the more you’ll be in the spotlight on ChapterBuzz.

And that means more Fans and more BUZZ for your book!

This is how The Martian became a book, then a movie.

After posting his story Chapter. By. Exciting. Chapter. on his blog, and attracting lots of readers, unknown writer Andy Weir decided to self-publish.

Sales took off, and soon The Martian (starring Matt Damon) became a Golden Globe–winning Hollywood production. Here’s how Andy felt

Your readers click “BUZZ,” your book moves up the charts.

If you haven’t yet mastered this art, you soon will. The secret lies in the first and last sentences of each chapter—the first line draws readers in, and the last line leaves them craving more.

Friendly feedback and constructive criticism.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get feedback from other ChapterBuzz members while you write your novel.

Still waiting for inspiration to strike? The Better Writers Club is a powerful way to generate ideas for stories and test out—or “workshop”—short, focused pieces to find out what resonates with readers. These snippets could soon evolve into complete chapters!

Win an award while you write.

Sign up for our 10K Social Writing Challenge, which takes place every March and October, and you’ll be eligible for one of several awards given to promising works-in-progress.

You could soon be an award-winning author, with an award-winning book on your hands!

Feel confident about your final draft.

The end result? A polished manuscript you know readers already love—no second-guessing or finger-crossing required.

Time to publish! I’ll make it easy.

Intimidated by self-publishing? Turning your manuscript into a gorgeous book is easier than you think! I can do it all for you, or guide you step-by-step as you bring your book to market.

Ready to go?

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