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This is how The Martian became a book, then a movie.

After posting his story Chapter. By. Exciting. Chapter. on his blog, and attracting lots of readers, unknown writer Andy Weir decided to self-publish.

Sales took off, and soon The Martian (starring Matt Damon) became a Golden Globe–winning Hollywood production. Here’s how Andy felt

The motivation to get it done.

When you post a chapter and get buzz from readers, you’ll be that much more motivated to write the next chapter.

After all, the buzz you’re getting means people are genuinely enjoying your story (and you won’t want to let them down!)

Learn how to keep your readers hooked.

If you haven’t yet mastered this art, you soon will. The secret lies in the first and last sentences of each chapter—the first line draws readers in, and the last line leaves them craving more.

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