Join the Page-a-Week Writers Club!

Can you write 250 words a week?

Sure you can. It’s only 35–40 words a day, which works out to about a page a week.

(In fact, you’ve already read 35–40 words on this page so far. Just sayin’.)

Perfect for the busy writer.

If you’re a writer who wants to make steady, measured progress on your novel without having to dedicate hours upon hours every single day, then you’ll fit right in to this exclusive club.

Feel great about your writing life.

Your weekly success is rewarded with achievement badges. Writing prompts help you move forward. My personalized e-mails will motivate you to write.

And remember: you only need to write one page a week (that’s just 250 words).

Launching soon! Be the first to know.

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Here’s what you’re getting (for free!):

  • E-mails that motivate. Motivation from your inbox! My personalized e-mails will give you the encouragement you need to write a page a week.
  • Your own author page.Your friends and followers can track your progress and read your latest updates.
  • Badges for achievement. Great job! Here’s your next badge (which you can even place on your blog to show off your progress).
  • Writing prompts. Say goodbye to writer’s block. These writing prompts will get your creative juices (and your words) flowing.
  • Get feedback. Or not. Some writers love getting feedback as they work, others want little to none until they’re finished. The choice is yours!
  • Post your word count. Show off your progress and keep yourself on track by posting your weekly word count.
And the biggest benefit of all…
That feeling of accomplishment each and every week!

I’ll let you know the second you can join.

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Procrastination is now a thing of the past!

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I’m excited about this, and I hope you are too!