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As a publishing author, do you ever wonder:

  • How do I save money on self-publishing?
  • Should I buy an ISBN or use a free one?
  • How do CreateSpace, Amazon, and Kindle work?
  • Is there any hope of getting my book into a bookstore?
  • Is there an easy way to do all this?

These are all great questions, and just examples of ones you’re sure to have as you navigate through the maze of self-publishing.

Don’t go it alone!

With so many companies competing for your business, all offering similar services, how do you keep it all straight? Is there an easy way to do all this?

And how do you make sure that your book is of sufficient quality to be sold in a bookstore?

I can explain it all to you and put you on a path to publication, then offer help along the way whenever questions pop up.

Let’s face it: it’s very difficult to wade through pages and pages of Google results on these topics, only to come up even more confused than you were when you started.

And you can only read so many blog articles until your head explodes.

Even e-mail Q & A is not a great way to learn, because it’s so one-sided.

The best solution? The humble telephone!

Getting answers in real time, along with the opportunity to ask follow-up questions, is the quickest, most efficient way to understand any subject.

Instead of wasting your precious time sifting through irrelevant forum posts on self-publishing from 5 years ago, you could be polishing up your novel and getting it ready for the limelight.


Your first 30-minute session is free, with no obligation! If we can answer all your questions in the first session, then I’m happy to help, and off to the races you go.

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If you prefer individual “as you need them” sessions, investment is $99 per session.

For the best value, choose between these packages:

$295 for 3 sessions
$395 for 5 sessions
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