7 Simple Steps to Publishing Your Book on Amazon

So you want to be a published author…

You’ve just finished writing your book, or you’re so close you can see the finish line. And you’re getting excited about publishing it! The image won’t leave your mind: a crisp, beautiful book propped on a display in the bookstore—with your name on it.

You pick it up, run your fingers across the front, feeling the rough texture and matte finish of the stunning cover. You turn it over. Seeing your familiar photo and author bio on the back, you swell with pride. What an accomplishment!

Out of nowhere, a stranger walks up and grabs another copy of your book off the shelf. He skims the back, and starts flipping through the pages. He tucks it under his arm and heads toward the register before you even get a chance to tell him you’re the author!

If you’re anywhere close to finishing the first draft of your novel, a scenario like this is not far off.

But your manuscript is currently sitting on your laptop, in a Microsoft Word file.

How on Earth do you get it into print?

Especially if you’ve never published before, you may have tons of questions, like:

  • Where do I start?
  • What’s the first step?
  • What are all the steps?
  • How does editing work?
  • Do I even need editing?
  • How much does it cost to self-publish?
  • What do I need to have prepared and ready to go on my end?
  • How long does it take?
  • How do I get my book “retail ready”?

It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle—so how to fit all the pieces together?

I explain all of this in a brand-new online course, From Laptop to Bookstore: How to Publish a Beautiful Book on Amazon—in 7 Simple Steps.

I admit it: I was overwhelmed when my mom asked me to help her self-publish her memoir a few years ago, and I started exploring all the options available. Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, Amazon, Book Baby, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and a thousand other names were swimming in my head.

But how did they fit together? What was the easiest way?

In my sleep, I was hearing a variation on that catchy chant from The Wizard of Oz: Kindles and e-books and Nooks, oh my!

Fortunately, that first book, A Chardonnay a Day, came out looking great—but only after I had made some mistakes—mistakes that ended up costing us extra money and time to go back and get it right.

Mistakes I’d like to help you avoid.

I’ll take you by the hand and guide you, step by step.

Over the years, I’ve honed my system, and now I have it down to a science. I want to show you the path of least resistancethe absolute easiest way to get your book onto the shelves, both virtual and physical.

My secrets are now your secrets

After working with extremely talented authors like Kat Frost and Allison Marie Conway to help bring their gorgeous books to life, I’m ready to share my secrets with you.

What’s the first secret, you ask?


Amazon.com offers everything you need, from book printing to e-book distribution to a virtual storefront where your readers can buy your book without you having to store or ship any of the copies. It’s a complete ecosystem that can help you go from A to Z with much less effort.

Once I discovered this, self-publishing got a lot easier.

But despite the convenience of Amazon’s offerings, it may not be immediately obvious how to go from one step to the next, or in what order. So it’s helpful to have a road map—a step-by-step guide to leveraging Amazon for maximum benefit, while avoiding costly mistakes.

A road map through the world of self-publishing

Warning: trying to stumble blind through this process is NOT recommended!

By narrowing down our focus to the world of Amazon, self-publishing just got a lot simpler. In my experience, Amazon and its services represent the best opportunity for new self-publishing authors who want to build readership, and have a viable and potentially lucrative way to sell books and e-books, both on the Amazon site and throughout their entire distribution network.

Still hazy on the relationship between CreateSpace, Amazon, and Kindle? Wondering how Kindle Select works? You’ll be an expert by the end of the course.

You’re a professional. Your book needs to reflect that.

Readers want a book that captivates. Bookstores want a book that looks as good as the others around it.

My proven system teaches you how to publish a beautiful book that will give your readers what they want—and that will meet and likely exceed a bookstore’s expectations.

Avoid scams and costly pitfalls

Beware the scammer!

Scams and borderline scams abound, costing unsuspecting authors thousands and thousands of dollars, with very little to show for it. Don’t let it happen to you! I’ll clue you in on what kinds of things to watch out for, whether they’re outright scams or just “opportunities” that aren’t as great as they advertise.

And with all the money-saving tips I offer (in addition to giving you everything in the proper order), this course could pay for itself several times over.

Is this the course for you?

I want to be up front with you—even if it costs me your business—so here’s the bottom line: this course is not for everyone.

It’s not my goal to sign up anyone and everyone just to make a buck. I want to be sure this is going to benefit you.

This course may not be the best fit for you if:

  • You are trying to find an agent for your book or pitch a traditional publisher. From Laptop to Bookstore very much focuses on self-publishing, and does not cover writing query letters or any of the other hoops you need to jump through to be traditionally published.
  • You want an overview of all your self-publishing options, with point-by-point comparisions. To be sure, there are a slew of companies competing for your publishing dollars, and I could produce an entire course dedicated to discussing the differences. But to save you time and avoid confusion, From Laptop to Bookstore focuses almost exclusively on Amazon and the services they offer.
  • You’re seeking nationwide bookstore distribution. This is a few levels above what I teach in this course. A self-publishing author can certainly do this with some know-how and persistence, but this course does not cover that. Instead, I tell you the steps you need to take (and what to say to a bookstore manager) to get your book into a local bookstore. Even if it’s a nationwide chain like Barnes & Noble, your book will only be in the branch (or branches) you’ve personally approached. By the way, approaching bookstores may sound scary, but it’s not at all, and I’ll tell you why in the course.
  • You’re looking to get rich and famous overnight. To be clear, publishing your book doesn’t guarantee sales, and furthermore, this course only covers publishing, not marketing. But it will help you make your book a physical reality, and as long as you follow my advice, you will be able to get it into a bookstore. Even though you won’t get rich and famous overnight (many authors see sales pick up after publishing their second book), self-publishing can be very lucrative indeed, especially if you already have an audience when you publish (and ChapterBuzz can help you build one!)

What is guaranteed? Your satisfaction.

I want this to be completely risk-free for you. If you are not 100% satisfied, or you simply change your mind, let me know within 30 days of purchase (or the date the course becomes available, whichever is later) and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

What you’ll get:

The From Laptop to Bookstore course gives you:

  • 8 audio modules. I cover each step of my system (plus a bonus step!) in these modules. Each module is transcribed for accessibility and easy reference.
  • A workbook for taking notes. A written outline of the course helps you follow along and take more effective notes.
  • Access to the course for a full year. Not quite ready to publish? You’ll be able to access all modules and course materials for a full year (from the date the course becomes available to you).

Best of all, this course is affordable.

I should be charging $500 for this course, according to my business advisor.

But I want to make absolute sure it’s affordable for most of my audience.

So I’m chopping it in half: $249.

And it gets better.

Normal price is $249, but I’ll give you $50 off if you sign up now for Early Bird Enrollment.

That’s just $199 for everything!

Okay, you talked me into it. I’ll go even lower.

If you bring a friend, you each get full access to the course for just $149 per person. That’s $100 in additional savings between the two of you.

Why am I practically giving this away? Because I want this to be affordable, informative, and above all, valuable for you. When you’re holding your first book in your hand, I want you to think, “That course I took was totally worth it.”

The knowledge you gain from this 30-day course could just be the kickstart your writing career needs.

Get in now:

“Early Bird” Enrollment ($199)
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“Bring-a-friend” Enrollment ($149 per person)
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But wait, there’s more!

If you take the course, then decide you don’t feel like doing the work yourself and you’d rather I do it all for you, I’ll give you $300 off my VIP Publishing Service. That not only covers the cost of this course, it also gives you an additional discount—as a thank you for being an existing customer.

Want to be published before the holidays? You gotta start now.

This is a 30-day course, but going from manuscript to published book will take around 90 days.

That’s why you need to start now!

If you’d like to hand out copies to family and friends over the holidays, and get your book on Amazon in time for the holiday season, it’s go time.

Starting now gives you a time cushion for the little “extras” life is full of: family vacations, an unexpected flu, or simply the extra time you need to revise your first draft.

These first time authors were excited!

I hope many, many fellow authors will take you up on your generous offer to help them move their books—and themselves—forward to wonderful things! So grateful for your light!

—Allison Marie Conway, author of Vein

You have been an incredible resource and are literally the only reason I’m published today. I cannot thank you enough!!

—Kat Frost, author of Mastermind

Course starts soon.

Get in now!

“Early Bird” Enrollment ($199)
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“Bring-a-friend” Enrollment ($149 per person)
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