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I’m creating a spreadsheet, called the Discovery List, to help your book stand out—and bypass all those complex computer algorithms that may have buried your self-published book under hundreds of thousands of others.

Let’s let the readers decide, instead of a giant tech company, shall we? If you add your book, I’ll be able to introduce you and your novel to our 4,700 readers on this blog.

I’ll sort the spreadsheet by genre and our readers can have a field day with it, discovering talented authors—like you—who write the genres they love.

If you’ve self-published a book, submit your Discovery Press Kit by leaving a comment below!

Here’s what should be in your Discovery Press Kit:

Your book’s info. Give us the deets!

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Brief summary
  • Link to purchase

Link to a book review. Please provide a link to a positive review (or reviews) about your book. Each review should be a standalone article that someone posted on their blog or website where they gave your book a rating of 3 or more stars (out of 5). If it was on a different rating scale, we’ll just convert it to a 5-star scale. Please, no Amazon reviews. While they have their place, I’d like to showcase standalone blog posts only on the Discovery List.

Leave a comment below with this information and I’ll add your book to the spreadsheet. Thanks for helping us discover quality books!

31 thoughts on “Add your book to the Discovery List

  1. Well, there’s also my own debut novel, which you saw in embryo on Chapterbuzz:
    The Curse of Steel, by John Alleyn (Epic Fantasy)

    A woman who shares the blood of the gods. A cursed sword that has ruined kingdoms. A legend that will one day change the world.

    In a single fateful day, Krava the Swift learns of her divine ancestry and gains possession of a weapon of formidable power. Suddenly raised to prominence among her Iron Age tribe, at first she enjoys her new life as a god-touched hero. She quickly learns that a hero’s life may be glorious but it’s also complicated – and possibly quite short.

    Krava and her friends soon find themselves caught up in a deadly game of gods and kings. If she refuses to be a pawn, she may be forced to become a queen . . . or a curse upon her people.


  2. Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows, by Reginald Spittle, adventure memoir.
    Recently retired, Reg never dreamed he would find himself backpacking across a foreign land, sleeping in dorms and sharing coed bathrooms as if he were a teenager on his gap year. On The Camino de Santiago, he confronts childhood demons while forging friendships that will last the rest of his life.

    Thank you!


  3. Title: Sycophants
    Author: Linda Gould

    Genre: Mainstream fiction, women’s fiction

    Summary: Imogene, a country girl with stars in her eyes, moves to New York City after college. She struggles in a series of unsatisfying jobs. Then her high-powered former roommate, Sara, arrives in town and hires her as a publicist for a new film production company. The women embark on a groundbreaking movie that will either make or break their careers.

    Link to purchase (Kindle edition):

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  4. Hi!
    Here are the details about my book:

    Title: At the window
    Author: Caterina Ghimenton
    genre: dramatic
    summary: in this collection, three tales focus on three different women. They all face life-changing situations, memories from the past, important moments in their lives, fantasies. Only one thing joins them together: the window, which influences their lives in a decisive way. The first tale talks about Sofia, a young girl whose sensitivity makes her feel different from the others. In the second one, we meet Rebecca, a young girl who’s getting married; in the third tale there is Sarah, who can only spend her days at the window, watching other people. One thing is certain: in this tales, not everything is what it seems.
    Link to purchase:

    Thank you!


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  5. Hi, I’m Markie. I just discovered your blog and am now following. Do you accept books of poetry? If you do, please feel free to add my book to the list 🙂
    I have a completed historical fiction that I share chapters of on my blog- but it’s unpublished, so this is the only contribution I have for now. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Beneath the Old Oak Tree
    Collection of Poetry
    By Markie Hurd


  6. Hi, I’m Stevie Turner. Thanks for this opportunity. I’ll leave details of one of my more popular books – my paranormal/time travel romance ‘Partners in Time’ that John Maberry rated 4 stars on his website. Here is a description below:
    John Finbow, a successful writer, and his wife Kay move into Southcombe Rectory, a large Victorian house that has been empty since the 1960s. It had previously been owned by the Cuthbertson family who had lived there for generations. Their marriage is under strain, as John, 39 would like children before he gets too old, but Kay, 34, does not.
    When John is working in his study soon after moving in, he is disturbed by the sight of a young woman who appears out of the blue on his sofa. Emily Cuthbertson, whose old bedroom is now John’s study, was 25 at the time of her death and the youngest of 8 offspring of the late Reverend Arthur Cuthbertson and his wife Delia. Emily had died in 1868 but is now unwilling to leave behind her old life on earth, due to having missed out on a family of her own whilst being a companion to her widowed mother. Emily is still desperate for a husband and children, and John is the answer to her dreams.
    One hundred and thirty years separate them. Will Emily and John’s love survive time’s relentless march?
    Link to review by John Maberry:
    Purchase link:

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  7. My book is The Nephilim Protocol (I use the name JD Kloosterman when writing), a paranormal YA thriller.
    Chad Dickson smashed through a brick wall to stop a mass shooter. Now he’s been imprisoned on a frozen volcanic island nearly a thousand miles off the coast of Alaska, with several hundred other “Nephilim” teenage boys, with powers just like his own. Hybrids of fallen angels and humanity, his kind once ruled the earth with an iron fist, and the government has no intention of letting them try it again. Chad has no intention of staying, but if he wants to escape, he and his friends will need to fight the guards, their fellow prisoners, and the very weather itself.
    Link to review by Okechukwu Onianwa
    Link to purchase:

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  8. Hi thanks so much for this generous offer, I came by way of an author friend Stevie Turner. I’m not sure how many books you want us to share, but I’ll share one of mine here thank you. 🙂
    Title – Twenty Years: After “I Do”
    Author – D.G. Kaye
    Genre – Memoir/Nonfiction
    Brief summary – May/December memoirs.

    In this personal accounting, D.G. Kaye shares the insights and wisdom she has accrued through twenty years of keeping her marriage strong and thriving despite the everyday changes and challenges of aging. Kaye reveals how a little creative planning, acceptance, and unconditional love can create a bond no obstacle will break. Kaye’s stories are informative, inspiring, and a testament to love eclipsing all when two people understand, respect, and honor their vows. She adds that a daily sprinkling of laughter is a staple in nourishing a healthy marriage.

    Twenty years began with a promise. As Kaye recounts what transpired within that time, she shows that true love has no limits, even when one spouse ages ahead of the other.

    Link to purchase –
    Review Link:
    Review: – Twenty years after her vows, author D. G. Kaye, looks back at the lessons learned about love, commitment, and aging. Kaye married a man twenty years her senior, already 58 at the time, and asked him for twenty years (at least) – thus the title of the book.
    In a way, this memoir is a tribute to the man she dearly loves, a fact that comes through loud and clear. But it’s also about her journey as a partner, about the hurdles, insights, and growth long the way.
    “In sickness and in health” is a major theme as bodies bend to the inevitable challenges of aging. Kaye shares her emotions and thoughts regarding her husband’s illnesses, but also some wisdom about preventative care, advocacy, and the adjustments needed to continue living a full life.
    This is a poignant read to be sure, but full of practical advice too about laughter, travel, sex, communication, and preparation for the end of life. Most of all, it’s a memoir about love. An evening’s read and highly recommended.

    Thanks so much 🙂

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    • Thank you, Debby! I really appreciate you spreading the word about the Discovery List. I wanted to ask, do you by any chance have any reviews that were posted on blog sites? What I’m doing, for the purposes of the Discovery List, is focusing on book reviews that are written by bloggers, instead of using Amazon reviews. This is because in addition to promoting authors, I’d also like to draw attention to book reviewers and their websites, to showcase the importance of the work they do. Of course, Amazon reviews are important too, but since most books on the list have a link to their Amazon page anyway, readers will be able to dive right into those reviews as they explore the product page.

      That being said, it’s clear that Twenty Years: After “I Do” is an excellent book that deserves top billing, so I plan to feature it as Book of the Week.

      To answer your question, you’re welcome to add as many books as you like. Thanks again! -Tim

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  9. Thanks for the opportunity! This is a great idea.

    Title: Disbanded
    Author: Frances Pauli
    Genre: Fantasy
    Review Link:
    Given an opportunity unheard of for a snake of his caste, Sookahr and Kwirk, his mouse aid, venture to a recently-destroyed outpost at the far edges of Serpentia, hoping to redesign the structure and prove his skill as an architect. But something watches from the jungle, and whatever attacked the outpost is poised to strike again. Will Sookahr’s drive to rise above his station get his team killed? Or will he respond to the call he’s heard since birth, and be the hero who can save them all?

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  10. Title: Love Lies Bleeding
    Author: Aspasia S. Bissas
    Genre: Dark Fantasy
    Brief summary:
    What happens when a predator loves its prey?
    Centuries-old Mara is dying a slow death when she meets Lee, a young man whose life has never belonged to him. Thrown together, they’re forced to fight those who would destroy them and survive a slew of enemies they never expected, even as Mara falls into a downward spiral of delusion and obsession. Will she make a devil’s deal to save both their souls? With pasts like theirs, can they ever have a future?

    (Briefer Summary: Love Lies Bleeding is a novel about delusion, obsession, and blood.)

    Link to purchase: (Also available at most other online sellers.)

    Link to a book review.


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