How do you write a novel? For this author, it’s “like a worm being chopped up”

Fantasy author Kat Frost

This is Part 2 of a 3-part author interview series.

When first-time published author Kat Frost sits down to write a novel, she won’t just start typing. She always has a plan.

“I definitely always start with a premise,” Kat explains. “Always. Usually though, it changes drastically from first seedling inspiration to first draft.”

Her debut novel, Mastermind, is the perfect example of this drastic change.

Mastermind came to me as I was going to sleep one night,” she says. “In its earliest form, it was about a girl who was in a car accident that flung her into an alternate reality.”

From there it evolved. The car accident became a nasty fall from a horse, and the alternate reality became the backdrop for the fantastical tale of twelve-year-old Alex, who wakes up in an unknown place only to be immediately called upon to save three mystical worlds.

Professionally edited and published through my Total Published Author program, Mastermind is now on sale at Amazon, in print and for Kindle.

Kat describes the unfolding of her ideas as “much like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.”

But pausing for a moment to mull over that metaphor, she decides it doesn’t quite capture the intricacies of how her ideas evolve. “Or perhaps more aptly,” she clarifies, “a worm being chopped up and growing into many different worms, all from the same original one.”

I’ll file that under “Whatever Works.” And it sure seems to work well for Kat Frost.

Be sure to read Kat’s newest novel—as it evolves—over at ChapterBuzz. She welcomes your feedback and suggestions.

Just, uh, be careful not to step on any chopped-up worms.

So let’s hear from you!

Where do your ideas and inspiration come from when you sit down to write? Comment below!

Are you at a standstill with your writing? 3 quick steps to zooming forward

It happens to me, too. Every now and then you find yourself with little to no motivation to write. And sometimes that feeling lasts for a loooooooong time. It can be very discouraging.

But you refuse to give up on your dreams. You know deep down that you have a vision for your life—you know, that awesome life you’ve always imagined—and it involves writing, for sure. It involves being a successful author!

Others have done it, you think. Why can’t I?

You most certainly can. And here are 3 ways to wrap up your pit stop and get back on that racetrack!

1. Know that you’re not alone. Our Facebook group, Published Author VIP, is the perfect place to bond with other writers. Being around others who are continually finding ways to move forward—and sharing their secrets—is very motivating. Inspiration loves company! Stop by today

2. Start a success journal. This step launched me into the stratosphere. It’s truly amazing what happens when you start keeping track of your accomplishments—big and small— on a daily basis. Starting tonight, just write down 5 positive things you did today. It doesn’t even have to be writing related: “Carved out 30 extra minutes of me-time while walking the dog today by taking the scenic route through the park.” That’s a success! Pretty soon, you’ll be finding little ways to be successful just so you can write them down.

3. Write less. Yes, less. It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes when you feel that too much is expected of you, you do nothing at all. Taking the pressure off—and just writing 250 words a week—is what the Page-a-Week Writers Club is all about. It’s for busy writers who don’t have a lot of time to write, but still want to make progress. Starts next Monday! Join us

By the way, if you’re not at a standstill, and do have plenty of motivation, you should still do all of these things!

We’ll be needing your energy.

Write smarter, not harder! And make it a habit

Hallelujah, it’s raining Club members! And I am positively thrilled.

It’s a cleansing rain—a cloudburst on a sunny spring day that leaves the grass greener and the air crisper.

And it’s a rain that offers a fresh start. Opportunity. Myriad possibilities.

Can the same be said for your writing life?

It can now. Join us for the launch of the Page-a-Week Writers Club!

It’s a no-pressure writing program geared toward the busy writer—she who does not always have time to write. It’s also aimed at the unfocused writer—he who may need a frequent nudge and an occasional prompt.

You’ll write on your schedule, at your pace. You’ll get encouragement in your e-mail inbox. Soon, writing regularly will become a habit.

You can choose to share your work and accept feedback. You can meet and network with other writers, if that’s your thing. Or you can work in total privacy and solitude.

In other words, it’s your chance to be the author you’ve always wanted to be.

Sharing is easy—just click the icon above to share with the writers in your network.

And…welcome to the Club! Join here

IV (or V) reasons to press on with your writing

Our tight-knit author community boasts many writers who have been working hard over the years to achieve high levels of publishing success.

These are our Tier IV and V authors, and today I’m featuring a few of the most prominent!

(Missed the discussion about Authorship Tiers? Get up to speed)

Arline Chase, Tier IV, has broken a 10-year streak of writer’s block since she joined us, and I think that’s a success story in itself! Here’s her ChapterBuzz author page.

Deborah Ann Dykeman, Tier V, is editing her sixth book and writing the seventh. In addition, she’s working to publish a series of four books that she wrote several years ago. Check her out on Amazon!

Barry B. Wright, Tier IV, is a thriller author and, as I just found out, co-authored a math textbook back in the day! He’s also venturing into fantasy. Check out his projects on ChapterBuzz.

Ann Harrison-Barnes, Tier IV, writes Christian fiction and inspirational pieces, and currently has two books on the market. For some inspiration, stop by her website!

What’s your Tier? Find out

No matter where you are in your writing journey, you’re probably working on something right now. Join us in the Page-a-Week Club, and get ready to move forward with it!

These writers are achieving great things. Are you with us?

The Page-a-Week Writers Club is really building steam! I’m blown away—but not surprised—by how many authors are jumping at the chance to make steady progress on their writing projects, even though they lead very busy lives.

You should join us, because it’s also your chance to climb to the next Tier of Authorship.

Tier of…huh?

Yesterday I asked the community to determine their Authorship Tier, which is a quick way to indicate where you are on your writing journey. If you missed the article, here it is.

Turns out, we’ve got quite a variety!

Dacia Arnold, Tier II, prefers to think of herself as “Tier II Plus.” She’s just about done with her first draft and plans to publish by the end of the year. Her novel, Apparent Power, is #2 at ChapterBuzz!

Nick Edinger, Tier II, is proving he can keep the momentum up on his novel-in-progress, Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar. He’s already released 14 chapters. It’s a great read!

Nikki Young, Tier III, recently published her book, The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t stop staring at that gorgeous cover!

Leah Lindeman, Tier III, is the author of Redeemed From the Ashes. Read all about it at her author site!

Dawn Edwards, Tier III, currently has one book on the market, Food 4 Thought: Daily Affirmations & Life Lessons for the Soul, and is hard at work on the next two. Check out her blog!

These writers are achieving great things. Are you with us? Join the Club

And…stay tuned for our Tier IV and V authors tomorrow!

What’s your Authorship Tier? Just taking a survey

The soon-to-be-launched Page-a-Week Writers Club is open to all writers who find themselves with very little time (or even the dreaded writer’s block), but still want to make progress on their novels.

It’s a personalized motivation program that doesn’t require a lot of commitment, yet is a powerful way to keep moving closer to your dream of being a published author.

And to further customize your experience in the Club, I’d like to get a sense of where you are.

Which Authorship Tier best represents where you are in your writing & publishing journey?

Tier I. No published books on the market, but wanting to write one. Currently, no completed chapters.

Tier II. No published books on the market, but working on it! At least one chapter completed.

Tier III. One published book on the market, either e-book or print. Co-authored books count as long as your name (or your pen name) appears on the book, but inclusion in an anthology does not count for the purposes of this Authorship Tier system.

Tier IV. 2–4 published books on the market.

Tier V. 5 or more published books on the market.

Comment below & let us know which one you are. Also, include a link to your book or current writing project so we can see what you’re working on!

And if you’re curious about the Page-a-Week Writers Club, be curious no more:

Becoming a first-time published author is “the best feeling there is in the world”

Fantasy author Kat Frost

If the name Kat Frost sounds familiar, it’s because this young fantasy author, known around here for her tenacity, has been making headlines on this blog for quite some time.

And guess what? She’s now published her first book, Mastermind—through my “Total Published Author” program—and couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Although this 2017 release is the first of many (she’s already hard at work on another), there’s just something about seeing your work in print for the first time.

At what point did Kat feel the biggest sense of accomplishment?

“That moment when I held the physical book in my hands,” she reflects. “My cover choice. My title invention. My name on the front. The words inside all ones I’d labored over and spent uncounted hours birthing into the world and shaping into the best novel I had the ability to make it. Actually holding it, flipping through and reading the words I’d read a thousand times—my words—is the best feeling there is in the world.”

Mastermind is the story of Alex, a twelve-year-old girl who wakes up in a strange place after being knocked unconscious in a horseback-riding accident. There she encounters a mysterious Phoenix, who tells her about three worlds that are in dire need of her help, and soon embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, waging battle against a slew of fierce enemies while slowly fading into a ghost—in a race against time to save these worlds and get back home.

It’s an intriguing premise. And as you read the novel, it’s clear that Kat’s passion for writing—her enthusiasm for the craft—adds an extra layer of excitement to this epic adventure.

Of course, there’s also the excitement of publishing for the first time, a feeling that won’t be wearing off anytime soon.

“I still can’t get over it,” she says. “It’s still every bit as surreal and wondrous and impossible as ever, every time I hold it.”

Mastermind is available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. Find out more about Kat Frost on her blog and on her ChapterBuzz page.

And stay tuned for the next installment when Kat explains her process for writing novels!

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