This March, it’s time to start a new chapter in your life

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Ever tried writing a novel but found it difficult to follow through?

On March 1st, you’ll have a chance to start a new chapter in your life—literally!

The entire month of March is going to be dedicated to writing your novel, and what better way to show the world that you have goals and you will stop at nothing to achieve them?

First thing on Sunday morning, March 1st, it’s time to write!

We’re looking for serious writers to join us in the 10K Novel-Building Challenge, a month-long novel-building marathon where you’ll write 10,000 words (in the first week alone), meet other talented writers, and trade feedback on each other’s stories.

You could even walk away with an award—an award you can be proud of earning, a permanent achievement for your author career going forward.

When the dust settles at the end of the month, you’ll have a solid foundation for a novel that you can keep building on. This makes it much easier to finish your novel and become a published author!

Join us in March and spend the month building your readership, making new friends, writing your heart out, and giving your writing career a jump start.

Enter the Challenge today and start the journey of a lifetime!

Feeling brave? Try writing 10,000 words in a week!

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Do you have what it takes to write 10,000 words in one week?

by Timothy Pike

Just as the universe exploded into existence with the Big Bang, your novel is about to be born in a trial by fire.

The trial? Write 10,000 wordsin just 1 week.

Whether your novel is currently a blinking cursor on a blank screen in Microsoft Word, or already halfway done, you are invited to join this group of writer-warriors from all over the world and give your writing life a major boost.

It’s an act of bravery—and not for the faint of heart.

“I thought there was no way I could do it,” says author Cynthia A. Jensen, who participated in the last 10K, “But I proved myself wrong and ended the week with over 10,000 words.”

It’s also a heroic leap in the direction of your dreams.

Think you can summon the courage?

Find out by joining us in the 10K Novel-Building Challenge at ChapterBuzz, starting this Sunday the 1st!

Writers of all skill levels welcome! Join us today

Starting Sunday, we writers are off to the races. Are you in?

On Sunday, March 1st, aspiring novelists and published authors from all over the world will be dashing off the starting line as the 10K Novel-Building Challenge kicks off, where the goal in the first week is to write 10,000 words.

So, are you joining us?

Here are 3 ways the Challenge can help you achieve your goals:

1. Encouraging e-mails

Every day, I’ll send you a message to help you along and make the Challenge a little easier. Sometimes it’s tough to stay focused in the midst of such a challenge, but I’ll help you take heart and end up with a solid foundation for an excellent novel…one you can be proud of!

2. Show off your word count

You’ve committed to writing a novel, so show off your progress! Each day, you can post your word count on your profile with just a few clicks. As the month goes on, seeing all the updates on your page and all the progress you’ve made can be a huge boost for your motivation!

3. Get feedback on your work!

When you take the Challenge, you are joining a community where you can meet and connect with readers and fellow writers. The Challenge is an terrific chance to hear what readers think of your chapters, and to give other writers feedback of your own!

The Challenge starts Sunday, so get in now!

Novelists, make March a writing month!

Learn more about TimIt’s a fact: the more feedback you get while you’re writing your novel, the better your novel will be.

And now you have the chance to do it!

During the 10K Novel-Building Challenge at ChapterBuzz, which starts March 1st, you’ll write 10,000 words and be able to get feedback from readers, who will tell you what parts they like, what might be unclear, and most importantly, how to make it even better.

In short, you won’t be sitting there wondering if readers will like your book…you’ll already know they do!

So what’s the best way to give and receive feedback?

Award-winning author Liberty Henwick

Author Liberty Henwick

Here is some advice, from author Liberty Henwick, who won an award in the first-ever Challenge:

How to receive feedback:

  1. Have a thick skin and be willing to listen to the suggestions your readers make with an open mind, so that they feel at liberty to be completely honest. You don’t want them to hide the painful truths!
  2. Don’t take criticism personally, it’s not you but your writing that is being critiqued. It’s not unlikely that your work will need improvement—it will hardly ever be perfect the first time.
  3. You don’t have to take all advice on board. Sometimes you can stand by what you write if you feel strongly that there’s a good enough reason for it.

How to give feedback:

  1. Highlight any confusing passages and language that doesn’t make sense.
  2. Point out sections that are boring.
  3. Write down questions you have about the story so far that you’d like to see answered before the ending.

Feedback is very important, especially in the early stages of writing a novel. As a Challenge participant, you’ll be able to discuss your work all month with readers and fellow writers.

Join the rest of us as we write our novels in March! Enter the Challenge

There are a lot of things you can do in March, but this one can jump-start your writing career

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Curl up with your favorite hot beverage this coming month and write your heart out.

by Timothy Pike

You’ve been hearing about it, now make sure you’re officially registered for it: The 10K Novel-Building Challenge starts March 1st at ChapterBuzz!

Your mission: write 10,000 words…and that’s just the first week.

During the month, you’ll also meet other writers, connect with readers, get feedback on your work, and fine-tune your novel until it’s just the way you want it.

What you’ll end up with is a solid foundation for an outstanding novel that you know readers are already enjoying.

After just one month, you’ll have taken a major step toward becoming a published author.

You can start from a blank page or bring along your outline, character sketches, even words already written. As long as you write 10,000 new words during the Challenge, you’ll be eligible to win an award.

That’s right, we’re giving out three awards, and you could win one for your work-in-progress! Will March 2020 go down in history as the month you became an award-winning writer?

Let’s find out! I’m excited to see your novel take shape next month. Are you?

Starts soon, so hurry! Enter the Challenge now

Conquer your fear of writing a novel!

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Even though it’s your dream to write a novel, you feel a fair amount of trepidation when you start to think about actually doing it.

Doubts creep in:

“Is anyone going to like it?”

“Can I get anyone to read it?”

“I’ve tried before, but I didn’t get very far.”

I challenge you to find a writer who has not had thoughts like these at some point. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

It’s true: doubt, fear, and even anxiety are very common—especially when it comes to huge, career-launching projects like writing a novel—and can wreak havoc on your confidence, even prevent you from trying in the first place.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, writing a novel can be a fun, motivating learning experience where you meet helpful, friendly people—both readers and writers—and discover promising new books in a wide range of genres.

It all happens in the 10K Novel-Building Challenge. It starts March 1st, and I’d love for you and a friend to join us!

Why work in total solitude, wondering how readers will respond to your writing…when you can spend an entire month actually getting to know your readers?

This is your chance to get feedback all month long, both from readers and fellow writers, which will help you to know what’s working in your story—and what could be improved. The end result? A winning novel.

So register now for the Challenge! Spend March writing your novel with confidence, and jump start your career as a professional author.

The month of March could be as helpful to you as it was for Cynthia:

Author Cynthia A. Jensen

“I was so nervous just looking at the blank document. Then the first line came to me, and I was off! As I wrote, I could see scenes in my head as I typed them up. I was really doing it! I was writing!

I didn’t think I could do it, but I worked hard and did it.”

Cynthia A. Jensen, author & columnist

During the first week of March, you’ll crank out 10,000 words—about 1,500 a day. Then, spend the rest of the month revising what you have, getting feedback, reading other writers’ stories, and writing even more chapters of your own.

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime by entering the Challenge now. Starts soon!

Registration is now open! Write 10,000 words & get feedback on your novel

Learn more about TimThink you can write 10,000 words in one week?

The 10K Novel-Building Challenge, which starts March 1st, is your chance to give it a shot.

Your chance to buckle down, take action, and make your writing goals a reality.

If you really want to get going on your novel—or need to dust off that half-finished manuscript in your desk drawer—now is the perfect time.

Registration is now officially open!

As a Challenge participant, you can start building your Fan base right away and getting feedback from your readers. This helps you write an outstanding novel that promises to be a hit!

Every Challenge brings more and more writers who are determined to make their dreams come true, and I’m excited to see you in the newest group of breakout stars on ChapterBuzz.

This is sure to be our biggest Challenge yet, and I want you to be a part of it!

Timothy Pike, founder of ChapterBuzz