On March 1, let’s Race to The End

How’s your novel coming along?

Congratulations if you “won” National Novel Writing Month—or NaNoWriMo—because that’s an amazing feat. But with most novels weighing in at 80,000 words or more, you’re probably not quite finished.

So plug that coffeemaker back in, and join us for Race to The End, a 30-day writing challenge that picks up where NaNoWriMo left off.

Of all the words you type, “The End” are by far the most important, because it means you have a finished first draft, and your dream of being a published author is not far off.

You ready to do this? Join now and be one of the first!

Race to The End starts March 1, and is a great way not only to finish writing your first draft, but to meet and network with fellow authors who are also participating.

You’ll also get daily e-mails to keep you on track, plenty of guidance and support, and a clear sense of direction about where this is all going.

It’s free, of course.

So don’t just stash your manuscript in a drawer and let it gather dust. Keep going, keep that sense of enthusiasm, and finish it!

See you on the starting line. Let’s race