Share Your Writing

You already made a commitment to finally writing your book, and now is your chance—not only to write it, but to build a readership at the same time, with an original new way to help your story go viral and reach the masses:

It’s called ChapterBuzz.

It’s simple to use: all you do is post your story—one chapter at a time—and then share it. Anyone who enjoys it can “scream for more,” which means they’re loving what you’ve written and want to read more!

In fact, that’s how The Martian became a book and then a movie—Andy Weir was an unknown writer who posted his story chapter by exciting chapter. His story was so engaging that people couldn’t wait to read what came next, and of course, it went on to become an award-winning Hollywood production. (Here’s how he felt about that)

All you gotta do is post each chapter, then share your ChapterBuzz link with the world. When more and more readers start “screaming for more” and subscribing to your updates, we’ll start helping you spread the word about your story, too. That’s how your story goes viral!

If you don’t have a complete, actual chapter, it’s okay. Any length is fine as long as it leaves folks wanting more. The idea is to just write.

If you’ve already written your book, ChapterBuzz can help you build readership…posting your existing chapters is highly encouraged. Check it out!