Our magazine readers want to hear from you. What inspires your writing?

Learn more about TimWhat inspires your writing?

Maybe it’s the freedom of a limitless imagination. Maybe your inspiration comes from the people that no one else notices. Or perhaps doing interesting stuff keeps you going every day.

But chances are good that for you, it’s something else entirely.

So tell us! Submit your piece here, and your response could be featured front-and-center in the very first issue of this new, online literary magazine, so that our thousands of magazine readers and WordPress followers can hear your thoughts about what makes you tick when it comes to writing.

Especially if you’ve never been featured before, consider this a way to kick-start your budding career as a professional author, and get your name out there.

Here’s how to submit your piece.

Want your entry to stand out? Check out these articles to see what other writers have said:

I look forward to seeing your name splashed across the virtual pages of this magazine!


A new literary magazine (and cover reveal) coming in September!

Learn more about TimPsst…

In September, I’m launching a brand-new, online literary magazine that will feature some of the most dedicated and involved writers in our community here.

Subscribe now (it’s free) and you’ll be the first to receive the inaugural issue when it comes out in September.

I’ll be shining the spotlight on writers of all experience levels, and I’d love to include you, too. Some are first-time novelists who may have been hesitant to step outside their comfort zones, but did so anyway, and absolutely rocked it. Others are experienced writers with several books under their belts.

Still others haven’t even written novels—they’re just motivated writers who are involved with our community.

As you read about other authors—and they read about you—you’ll have the inside scoop that your friends, your book club, and your writing group will be eager to hear about.

The name of the magazine (and the very first cover author) will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Subscribe for free here and you’ll have front-row seats to the big reveal!

Writing a book? Get out of first gear and make a breakthrough

If we all knew exactly how to write a novel and get it published, we’d all have done it by now, and we’d all be making a nice living from book sales.

Maybe you’re buzzing right along, and you know everything you need to know. But if you’re like the rest of us, there are many areas where you may be stuck or have questions.

Now’s your chance to make a breakthrough in your writing by asking them all!

I’ll be putting together an e-book to address your most pressing questions about getting your novel written & published, so ask away on this anonymous survey form. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

You may be wondering about:

  • Grammar & mechanics of writing
  • Character development
  • How to structure a novel
  • Self-doubt, fear, uncertainty
  • Time management
  • Rewriting & revising
  • Professional editing
  • Self-publishing
  • Traditional publishing
  • How to promote your book
  • Or anything else!

If you have a minute or two, please take this anonymous survey, and I’ll be much better able to answer the questions you have and respond to your concerns.

Here’s to your writing success!

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore.

The Ghost of Writing Future has come to show you what lies ahead

Learn more about Tim“As a mainstay at the top of the Amazon bestseller list, our keynote speaker today needs no introduction…”

You clear your throat and stand up. As you walk toward the podium, you can’t help but smile remembering the first time you ever did this. You were so nervous. You brought pages and pages of notes with you, and had spent the day fretting over every last detail of the speech you were about to give.

But today, years later, you’ve got it down to a science—addressing up-and-coming writers at conferences like this one is now the best part of your career as a full-time writer, because as a bestseller yourself, you’re in a great position to help people launch their own careers.

As you step up onto the stage, you hear the tail end of your intro: “…so put your hands together for the person you all came to see!”

Believe it or not, a day like this may not be too far off.

But first, you’ve got to write your book, and publish it to Amazon. Where to start?

I think of writing a book like an exercise regimen or weight loss program. You commit to a goal, you come up with a plan, you have things you need to do each day in order to achieve your goal. You make certain sacrifices (but in the case of writing a book, c’mon, is stealing away to your writing nook for a couple hours each day really that much of a sacrifice?) And by doing all of this, you make it happen.

As far as getting your book into print and published for all the world to read, this is actually a snap, believe it or not. I teach the “path of least resistance”—the easiest way forward—so that in 90 days you’ll have the end result you’ve been dreaming of for a long time: a gorgeous book, with your name on the cover, in print and ready for readers to devour, both on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

A book that reflects the professionalism of your burgeoning writing career.

This is what we’re all working on and helping each other out with in the Better Writers Club. Your journey begins today when you join us!

But check this out…

I’ll come up with your entire writing and publishing plan for you, and show you exactly how long it will take until you’re published, so that you can think less about the little details and just focus on the writing. Just stop by and answer a few questions, and I’ll send your personalized novel-writing program straight to your e-mail inbox.

It’s free to get started!

Oh, and hurry, because registration ends July 15.

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore. It’s all part of the Better Writers Club!

What are you doing, really doing, to achieve your writing dreams?

Learn more about TimToday, more than ever, any writer can become the next big name.

No longer is it necessary to have powerful connections in the literary world, an incredible stroke of luck, or genius-level talent just to get your foot in the door. These days, it’s Amazon that gives common, everyday writers (that’s you and me!) an enormous distribution platform for getting their books into the hands of readers.

What’s your novel going to be about? Whether it’s a light, poolside read or an elaborate fantasy novel with a twist around every corner, you want as many people as possible to devour it and then recommend it to their friends, right?

So maybe it’s time you wrote it!

But wait. I know what you’re thinking. Especially if you’re a first-time author, you probably have more than a few questions and concerns about such an awe-inspiring project like producing your first novel.

Here are some common ones:

  • How long will this take?
  • Can I stick with it long enough to finish?
  • Will anyone like it and read it?
  • How do I get my book published and out into the world?
  • How can I get more good reviews to increase sales?

This is why I created the Better Writers Club. We’re a group of writers who pride ourselves on how hard we’re willing to work to achieve our dreams. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment—perfect for first-time authors—that is also very much focused on results. We’ll do whatever it takes to get our books done, while still helping each other out in achieving our goals.

The key to your success is what I call the Daily Action Calendar, a step-by-step calendar system that tracks your progress and moves you forward every day by giving you a simple action to take—while still allowing you to work at your own pace.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, just take it one small step at a time. It makes the journey to published author easier, more fun, and much more productive.

Your new life starts right now, so take the first step toward a published Amazon & Kindle book today. Download your free Daily Action Calendar, and see why this is the fast track to the next—ahem, chapter—of your life!

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore. It’s all part of the Better Writers Club!

How to get your novel done faster

Learn more about TimYesterday, I talked about the 3 biggest benefits of letting people start reading your novel before it’s even published.

Today, I’d like to add one more to the list:

Benefit #4: Your novel gets done faster!

It’s true. Even though the feedback you receive on your work-in-progress may inspire you to go back, clean up, and clarify some sections of your novel—which takes time—your new Fans (who are eager to see your title in print), and the writers you meet along the way (who are hard at work on their own novels) provide that boost you need to, you know, pick up the pace.

It’s kind of like having your own cheering section.

And of course, if you happen to be a member of the Better Writers Club (and you should be! Deadline to join is July 15), you’ll have your personalized Daily Action Calendar to keep you on track as you write, revise, and get ready to publish your book.

It’s a great way to get started, then hold yourself accountable until the end.

Less uncertainty + more motivation = novel on the shelves faster!

Time is running out to get in…join us today!

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore. It’s all part of the Better Writers Club!

Can people start enjoying your novel now? Yes, and here are the 3 biggest benefits

Learn more about TimMany of us think of writing a book as a solitary activity. And for good reason—often it is.

But how might things turn out differently if you let other people read what you’re working on, even in the early stages? Here’s what you stand to gain by doing just that.

Benefit #1: Confidence in your writing. Let’s face it: the worst feeling in the world is finally publishing your book on Amazon and watching the sales counter tick up as slowly as a thirsty tortoise dragging itself across the desert, while any reviews that do get posted are mostly negative.

By contrast, the best feeling in the world is checking out your Amazon sales report and seeing that each day has been better than the last. The reviews, mostly positive, all praise a solid story by a first-time novelist. You’re off to a great start, and now the sky’s the limit as you begin writing your next book!

Receiving feedback on ChapterBuzz—as you write—can make all the difference. You’ll feel great about publishing your book when the time comes, because you’ll already know that your story is engaging, readable, and concise. Your early readers have let you know this!

And keep in mind, all feedback you receive is good feedback. Purely positive comments will make you feel great of course, but constructive criticism is also a win for you. Why? Because 1) it shows that people are paying attention to your story and actually care about the quality of your novel, and 2) you know that, once published, your novel will be the best it can be, because you’ve used some of the better suggestions your readers have given you.

Benefit #2: New readers. Don’t wait until the day of your book launch to tell people about your book. Instead, start connecting with readers now, while you’re writing it.

Where do you find these readers? On ChapterBuzz, we have a whole network of book lovers and fellow writers ready to discover your work. The Better Writers Club (which you have until July 15 to join) is also a great way to connect with your fellow writers, who, by the way, can also become your Fans on the site.

The best part is that when you do publish your book, it will be with much greater fanfare, and you’ll already have your first potential customers.

Start getting your name out there!

Benefit #3: A sense of community. Being part of a friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming group of writers can make all the difference when you’re working on a big project like writing a novel. It’s comforting to know there are others who are doing what you’re doing, can bring you up when you’re feeling discouraged or uncertain, and share in your triumph when you’re on top of the world. It’s a journey, enjoy it!

Please join us in the Better Writers Club before the deadline of July 15. It’s time to get that novel written and published!

I’m Timothy Pike, self-publishing and productivity coach specializing in helping you publish a beautiful book to the virtual shelves of Amazon—and the real shelves of your local bookstore. It’s all part of the Better Writers Club!