#1 on ChapterBuzz this week: “Jungle” by Steve Boseley

Author Steve Boseley

People are going wild for Jungle, a novel by Steve Boseley, over at ChapterBuzz!

It’s a story about two children who purchase an ancient book—itself called Jungle—that allows them to sample life in the rainforest without leaving their bedroom.

What a creative premise, I thought as I started reading, and soon I was wrapped up in a riveting tale that’s not just compelling, but also well written. Steve Boseley masterfully sets the stage for what promises to be a grand adventure, keeping the reader constantly in suspense as the kids’ book slowly reveals its magical power.

I’m hooked.

Have a good read and help Steve keep his #1 spot! At ChapterBuzz, the simple act of reading is what makes a book popular.

Congrats, Steve!

There will be no stopping this writer from achieving her dreams

Author Sibille Rose

Sibille Rose is a hard worker. In addition to putting in over 70 hours at her job some weeks, she still finds the time to write and participate in our Facebook authors’ networking group. By the way, her pen name, which is pronounced “Si-bill-a,” comes from the names she went by in her high school language classes: Sibille in German and Rosa in Spanish.

During the recent ChapterBuzz Writing Challenge, Sibille made plenty of headway on her novel, A Crack in the Mirror.

What’s it about, Sibille?

Claus has been a thief since the death of his parents when he was seven. Twenty years later, with Daniel’s “help,” Claus discovers his father’s secret and his own true nature. Claus must develop this new ability and face the kingdom responsible for his parent’s deaths and which is now intent on destroying magic completely. Can Claus save the creatures he has come to view as family and friends?

What’s your favorite part of the story so far?

From Chapter 1:

“Well done. Well done. Well done,” another voice sounded from under the cover of the trees. “I knew you had it in you.”

Daniel materialized out of the shadows, stepping around the unconscious bodies of the guards, clapping for Claus’ spectacle. There was not a speck of dirt or a scratch on the man. The three stared at one another: Claus panting for air, his chest felt ragged from the burst of energy; Verica fighting between joy and rage at seeing Daniel unscathed; and Daniel smirking like a pleased toddler.

“What the devil are you talking about?” Claus shot at Daniel once he could capture enough air. His body still shook with the remnants of rage. “We thought they had caught you. Why’d you leave us alone in that place?”

“Calm yourself, Claus. We don’t need anymore outbursts. Another one may very well kill you at the present moment.” Daniel mused. He looked thoughtful as he nudged one of the guards lying near him with his boot. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful. I hope you didn’t kill too many of them.”

Startled, Claus looked around at the bodies. He hadn’t thought of that; he hadn’t thought of much to be honest, only that they were safe now. Nausea sprang in to his throat and he fought not to be sick. He had never killed anyone before. Killing was the profession of evil people, not of thieves. And he was just an honest thief, nothing more nor less.

Why is this your favorite?

I chose this passage because I feel it gives an overview of my three major characters at this point. The passage gives a bit of humor to a tense situation with Daniel’s appearance, and it also hints at enough of what happened previous to this point to have readers asking questions that, I hope, will drive them to read the whole story. I also just had a lot of fun writing this moment.

And we’re having a lot of fun reading. Thanks, Sibille!

Check out Sibille Rose’s work on ChapterBuzz:

How long will it take to write your novel?

Have you thought about what it would be like to see your name on a book cover? I mean, really thought about it?

In my coaching and publishing business, I’ve talked to many writers who are very excited about “one day” being published.

But they have no strategy for getting there.

There are a variety of reasons for maintaining a vague writing schedule: the unpredictability of life, not knowing how to publish, and even fear (of releasing a flop, for example—although I continue to tell my clients that the more feedback you can get on ChapterBuzz the better, especially in the early stages).

So what’s the trick? Be bold and set a date.

Of course life is unpredictable. Of course there’s more to learn about publishing. And of course you may experience some fear. But when you tell life that you’re gonna do this—no matter what it throws at you—some funny things happen: you start finding the time. Learning opportunities come your way. You stare down fear and it just…evaporates.

All when you decide that you’re going to do this. And what better way to start than by setting a date?

To be clear, this is not a firm release date, but more of a target date. And to figure it out, just think about how many words you can realistically write in a week or in a month, knowing that most novels are around 80,000 words. Build in a month for life’s craziness and that vacation you have planned. Then add 3 months for editing and publishing, and there’s your date!

Are you bold enough to set a date? Let’s hear it down in the comments!

Are you the next Author of the Week?

Each week this spring, I’ll be featuring one author interview a week, and I invite you to apply!

The readers of this blog, What Inspires Your Writing?, would love to know more about you: how you keep yourself motivated to write, what your creative inspiration is, and how you overcome challenges in your writing life.

Would you like some extra exposure for your writing? More readers on ChapterBuzz?

You don’t have to be a published author yet, just someone who is actively heading in that direction.

Check out these excellent examples from past features:

Find out how to apply here! I look forward to posting your interview for all to read.


The world can be ugly. But these two found a beautiful love for each other

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

It had been almost five years since Katie had seen him last. After a fire almost destroyed her daddy’s farm, Matthew Fuller destroyed her heart. But a newly hired farmhand, by the name of William “Buck” Brady, had plans of fixing everything that was in the path of destruction—including Katie.

Tiffany Doran has been working day and night on her latest romance novel, Desires of the Heart, and it’s available for your reading pleasure on ChapterBuzz.

Here’s the part Tiffany says is her favorite. Notice it’s not clear who “he” is—Tiffany has promised to reveal that at the appropriate time!

They lay in the lush green grass of the fields on the soft white quilt he brought for star gazing. She lay her head back on his out stretched arm and sighed a deep long refreshing sigh. He turned to look at her, taken aback by her soft ivory complexion, her emerald green eyes and her sweet smelling auburn hair. He felt like the luckiest man in the world to be able to be here with her on this warm summer night. “Is that the Big Dipper?” Katie asked as she pointed to the dark midnight sky. “Nah, I believe that is the little dipper actually,” he said in return smiling. He rolled over to one arm and gazed into her emerald eyes. Her smile of acknowledgement to the fact that he was staring at her turned into a chuckle then an outright laugh. She too rolled to one arm and met his gaze, nose touching nose. “I bet you want to kiss me don’t you?” She asked playfully. He loved the twinkle in her eye. “Well, it does seem like the perfect timing for one I would say, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“You gotta catch me first!” Katie said laughing as she took off running. He laughed in return and ran to catch her. All of a sudden, thunder crashed and the skies let loose. In the blink of an eye, a pop-up summer rain storm had rolled through. Katie laughed even harder at the fact that it was raining and they were soaked to the bone by the warm summer’s rain. He caught her and wrapped his arms around her petite waist. Face to face and eye to eye. They laughed breathlessly as a drop of rain ran down her nose. His kiss was long and passionate. Rain fell hard around them but at that point in time they didn’t have a care in the world. They had each other and that’s all that mattered. He stepped back from her and got down on one knee. Katie gasped with tears beginning to form in her eyes. He pulled a box from his very wet jean pocket. “I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you, Katie,” he said, staring up at her beautiful face. You are my everything, I love your laugh, your heart and your sweet spirit and I just can’t imagine my life without you in it. Please make me the happiest man alive. Will you marry me?”

Tiffany explains why this is her favorite passage:

This passage is about a strong passionate bond between two people. A bond that is distinguishable not only by their touch, but by their energies when they’re around one another as well. This is my favorite passage because in a world full of ugly circumstances, they found something beautiful: their love for each other.

Be sure to stop by Tiffany’s ChapterBuzz page and read more!

Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar, and an author makes his book a reality

Author Nick Edinger

Nick Edinger has good reason to brag this week: he finished March’s 10K Word Challenge by writing 10,000 words for his novel, Two Candidates Walk Into a Bar.

Amal and Henry are comedians—and best friends—who are hired as digital strategists by rival presidential campaigns to create election-winning memes. But as the election heats up, and their work receives national media coverage, things get personal. Meanwhile, a third-party candidate they both hate is on the rise. Will the two be able to keep the other candidate out of office and salvage a friendship that’s been tested to the limit?

It’s a story in progress, but I asked Nick what his favorite passage was so far, and why. Here it is:

Amal took a large step outside. The dark morning air hit Amal like a slap, and he breathed it in. Even a flat town like Chandler looked like a painting, with dancing lights and smooth sidewalks and the smell of desert all around, at 12:30 in the morning. It was morning…and after tonight, Amal could never practice for what comes next.

Amal looked to his left. Henry was on the bench with Frederick the Drunk. Amal would have to reveal something important to Henry during their hangout tonight, and somehow say “I must be dead honest with you now,” without Henry making gay jokes. But in the meantime, he contented himself with watching Henry, discretely, pass the blue-dye vodka glass to a proud Frederick the Drunk.

According to Nick:

“Chapter 1 concludes with some foreshadowing of what’s to come, and it feels like a complete ending within itself. It’s the end of a blissful friendship. The partnership between Amal and Henry will begin to break down after this scene. Yet this culmination captures the thrill of leaving a show well preformed, coupled with hope for the future. When the blue-dye vodka hits the fan later on, there will be sadness over a lost friendship that seemed real, even though (and because) the novel takes a lot of time to develop it. Any sadness will derive from the loss of future moments like this. Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar will comment on politics, Internet culture, and comedy… yet it’s scenes like these that anchor those comments to reality.”

Read what Nick’s got so far, and help him write the rest!

It’s Brag Week! What’s your writing success?

What have you accomplished with your writing recently? Now’s your chance to tell us about it!

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. It’s important to feel good about every little achievement.

But even more important to share.

Sharing your success with us not only makes it feel more significant, but helps inspire other writers to step up their game as well.

[Not sure what to say? Here are some brags from last time]

So whether you just finalized your book cover, or simply had a productive brainstorming session with your partner last week…

Tell us about it!!

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A novel takes shape: Apparent Power by Dacia Arnold

Author Dacia Arnold

A young medical receptionist. An apocalyptic disaster that awakens a dormant gene in a small segment of the population. To a ruthless government bent on morphing into a totalitarian regime, these genes are useful, but Valerie Russell’s even rarer genes are indispensable.

Stranded in central Colorado, a hundred miles from home—and from her two-year-old son—Valerie quickly becomes the target of a government plot for domination. Racing against the clock, Valerie tries desperately to get home to her family, avoid capture, and defeat the dark, rising power that so badly wants her genes.

Sound exciting?

During the month of March, on ChapterBuzz, a dedicated group of writers have been tirelessly pursuing a singular goal: to write 10,000 words.

Today, I’m showcasing one of those writers, Dacia Arnold, who met the Challenge goal of 10,000 words—and then some—with her novel, Apparent Power.

Dacia, great job on your novel so far. Do you have a favorite passage?

So far, this one’s my favorite:

Austin lay lifeless under her hands. She searched his eyes, silently praying he would return. His energy had not faded, but he was not there. Out of desperation, she began chest compressions. Only when Aaron wrapped his arms over hers did she let the defeat over take her.

The night, the blood, the lifeless man that lay in front of her haunted her. She saw her mother there where Hyka’s father lay. Why would she have picked the most impossible of crafts? Charged with saving lives and be completely incapable of it. She saved hundreds of lives but when love was involved she failed every time. Was this to be the fate of all those closest to her? Was Caleb’s life doomed and her mission pointless?

Hyka walked toward Valerie but stopped short and pointed a blade at her.

“Is this what you wanted? Was your information worth it? You might not want the cards you were dealt, but guess what, Princess. This will not stop. It’s them or us, and you need to figure out real quick where you stand.” Hyka yelled, her words like poison to Valerie.

“Hyka…” Austin whispered from where he was laying. She lowered the knife she had pointed at Valerie and stepped quickly back to her father. “It’s alright. I’m fine. Just a little weak.” Griffin brought Austin a bottle of water and helped Hyka prop him up to drink.

“She did it. I can’t believe she did it.” Griffin said quietly to himself.

Why is this your favorite passage?

Hyka is one of my favorite characters, even though she is a secondary to the protagonist, Valerie. In this scene, Hyka’s father was shot in the head and the protagonist was asked to fix him somehow. Initially, it would appear that she failed. Hyka, who normally has a stoic demeanor and textbook “resting bitch face,” becomes angry and shows far more outward emotion than you are used to seeing from her character.

Within a few paragraphs, you realize that the protagonist was successful in bringing her friend back to life and healing his wounds, but not after Hyka has some choice words with her.

The scene shows a dynamic of character emotion, and is a rollercoaster for the reader.

Join us! Read Apparent Power in its evolving entirety, and let Dacia know what you think. Together we can help her fine-tune her manuscript into a published novel readers will love.

(And if you start posting chapters from your own novel, you could be featured here too, discussing your favorite passage.)

The 10K Writing Challenge is a rip-roaring success, in more ways than one

I know, I know, I haven’t written much on the blog this week.

That’s because March is Challenge month, and I’ve been staying incredibly busy over at ChapterBuzz, where we’ve got some seriously good stories-in-progress emerging.

Check out some of the best. Many of the writers would love some positive feedback as they crank out 10,000 words this month!

Starting tomorrow, we writers are off to the races. Are you in?

Tomorrow starts the 10K Word Count Writing Challenge, where novel writers from all over the world are digging their heels in to write 10,000 words in a month.

Are you in?

Here are 3 ways the Challenge can help you achieve your goals:

1. Encouraging e-mails

We’ll send you messages to help you along and make it a little easier. Sometimes it’s tough to stay focused in the midst of such a challenge, but we’ll help you take heart and end up with something you’re proud of.

2. Show off your word count

A great way to follow through on your commitment to write is to post your progress! Each day that you make some headway, you can post your word count on your profile with one click. As the month goes on, you’ll be able to see each update and all the progress you’ve made.

Your word count is tracked automatically, giving you one less thing to think about.

3. Feedback, if you want it

When you take the Challenge, you are part of a community where other members can interact with you, even offering feedback on your writing if you request it. Some writers want feedback, others don’t, so the choice is yours!

Starts tomorrow, so get in now!