What if Stephen King had decided to start writing “someday”?

Learn more about TimYou’ve been wanting to do it for a long time now. You’ve got tons of ideas: settings, characters, scenes, subplots.

It’s time to turn those ideas into action.

During the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge, you’ll write the first (or next) 10,000 words of your novel, meet and network with other writers, build buzz for your work-in-progress, attract new readers, and end up with a solid foundation to build the rest of your novel on.

This is your dream, and now’s the time to take action.

What if J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Andy Weir (of The Martian fame) had decided to start writing “someday”? We may never have heard of them.

Getting started is often the hardest part, but it’s also the most crucial.

At just under 350 words a day, this Challenge is manageable—even with your hectic life—and it’s a great opportunity to kick start your career, tell the world you take writing seriously, and possibly even walk away with an award.

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By the numbers: how to write 10,000 words

Have you heard about the 10,000-word writing challenge coming up in October?

It’s called the 10K Social Writing Challenge, and it’s your chance to get busy writing that novel.

Today I break it down by the numbers:


Number of novels you need to get busy writing!


Number of writers who will become award-winning authors in October.


Number of days you’ll spend in your favorite writing nook, steaming mug in hand, creating your masterpiece.


Number of words you’ll write during the month of October.


Number of writers you’ll meet and professional connections you’ll make. This number is totally up to you!


Number of minutes you should wait before signing up. Starts October 1, so time’s a-tickin’…get in now!

Wow, you’re all signing up for the Writing Challenge! This is amazing

I’m floored.

I’m also flabbergasted and a little flush, but most of all, flattered.

Why? Because so many of you are hopping aboard, and saying “YES!” to moving forward with your novels. Writing, as you know, is all about momentum, drive, and sheer willpower.

And now I’m looking extra-forward (can I say that?) to October’s 10K Social Writing Challenge. It will be exciting to meet all the newcomers, and welcome back the talented writers who have done it before.

But the best part is that you too can meet everyone. Ready to have a slew of new writer friends? New professional contacts? New fans? All of these await you.

The part I like best about this Challenge is that we all help each other out. Feedback is asked for, feedback is given. Motivation comes not just from me—every day in your e-mail inbox—but from others who read your work, cheer you on, and participate in our Facebook discussion group.

And of course, awards are given.

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Registration now open! 10,000-word Writing Challenge starts October 1

Learn more about TimExciting news, writers! Registration has officially opened for the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge.

Is October the month you start on that novel?

If your answer is a resounding “YES!”, sign up today:

The Challenge kicks off October 1st, and you’ll be writing 10,000 words, so bring a pen full of ink and some great ideas.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am! Get your novel on

Are you the next BREAKOUT STAR of the writing world?

This is your chance to shine! Join the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge, starting October 1st.

Awards will be given to emerging writers based on several factors: how much attention your manuscript is getting, how other participants respond to your work, and of course, raw writing ability.

Hunker down for the month of October and get a great head start on your novel. Your goal is to write 10,000 words (about 350 words a day), and don’t worry—I’ll send you e-mails each day to keep you motivated and make sure you are on target!

Are you the next breakout star of the writing world? Well, I suppose you’ll never know unless you try. Get in on this opportunity