21 days of writing bliss

Learn more about TimWriting is blissful, isn’t it?

But writing 1,000 words a day for 21 days straight with a fun, motivating group of writers bursting with the same enthusiasm you have for storytelling?

Downright heavenly.

That’s what we’re doing starting September 1st in the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge. Are you in?

Bring your laptop, pen & notebook, stone tablet & chisel—whatever you prefer to write with—and join us.

It’s an event not to be missed … and it’s free!

We’ll be here with hot coffee & donuts every morning (in the comfort of our homes), cranking out chapter after chapter and getting our novels done.

And in between, we’ll find time to chat online about writing, read each other’s stories, and help each other reach the finish line.

That’s true writing bliss!

Pre-register for the Launchpad Challenge today, and hit the ground running September 1st. You’ll be glad you did … and so will we!

Happy writing,
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Got 1 hour in the morning? You can write a novel

Learn more about TimHere’s a fun writing equation:

One hour in the morning


A little imagination


A novel?

That’s right, an entire novel!

If you’ve ever wished you could set aside a few weeks just to focus on your writing, or hoped for an excuse to condition yourself to write every day, you are in luck.

That’s what our upcoming event, the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge, is for!

Join us and prepare to write 1,000 words a day for 21 days, meet the other writers in our Facebook discussion group, and get feedback on your work so you can write a novel that totally rocks.

At the end of the Launchpad Challenge, use the momentum you’ve built (and your daily writing habit) to finish the remaining chapters and finally be able to type “The End” on your manuscript. You now have a completed first draft!

Remember, using these simple ingredients…

1 hour a day + your imagination…

The literary world is yours to conquer! Join us today!

Let’s hear your answers: what was the last big goal you achieved?

Learn more about TimWriters, it’s time to brag a little!

Here’s today’s question:

What was the last big goal you achieved? This can be writing related, but doesn’t have to be.

I hear from many of you telling me about mountains you’ve climbed, and I couldn’t be prouder. These accomplishments range from publishing a book to completing your first draft to simply finishing a writing course to improve your skills.

Taking action to improve yourself is what life is all about!

Maybe writing has taken a back burner and you’ve been focusing on health & fitness goals. Travel or “bucket list” items. Charity work. Home improvement projects—the list goes on.

You see, whatever you’ve done to improve your life, spruce up your surroundings, help the people around you, or fulfill lifelong dreams, it all helps to set the stage for what is perhaps the biggest dream many of us have: publishing a novel and starting a career as an author of books.

Is the next big goal you achieve writing your novel?

If you want to go for it, the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge blasts off on September 1st, and you’re invited.

There’s plenty to do, starting today, to get ready for it, so hop on board now and you’ll be able to join our private discussion about the last big goal you achieved, and even talk about upcoming goals you’re laying out for yourself.

Your input is valuable!

Don’t just dream of writing a novel, do it!

Learn more about TimMany dream of it, few follow through.

Writing a novel is a big project, but the rewards are also big.

Can you imagine living the life of a professional author, making a living from the books you publish?

Writing from anywhere, not tied down to an office?

Traveling the world on exciting adventures … all in the name of researching your next novel?

This is the dream. And no matter who you are, it’s within your reach.

That’s why I’m inviting you to blast off—starting in just a couple of weeks—toward the writing career you’ve always wanted.

Geared toward beginners, the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge is your ticket to a new life, one where your novel actually exists in the world, and you’re connecting with other writers who are gladly helping you on your journey, while building your audience.

Readership is everything!

You’re not expected to be a skilled wordsmith to take part in the Launchpad Challenge—many of our writers are beginners who are preparing to write their very first novels.

So don’t worry about whether your writing is perfect, because that will come with time.

Every big name had to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present to begin!

And when your book hits the bestseller lists, you can turn around and give the same encouragement to the writers you know who are just starting out.

Just remember the age-old wisdom: If you can dream it, you can do it.

See you there!

Experience the thrill of writing a novel … with a helpful group of authors!

Learn more about TimDo you have a story you’re aching to tell?

If you’re a writer who’s serious about writing and publishing a novel, this is your big chance!

The Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge is just around the corner—it starts September 1st—and it’s a way to leap into the writing lifestyle you’ve been wanting, make new friends, and start growing your readership.

But as we wait for September 1st to roll around, here are some warm-up exercises to get you going!

Today’s discussion on our Facebook page:

Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser”? That is, do you carefully outline before you start writing, or just write by the seat of your pants and see where it takes you? Why?

Today’s writing prompt:

Write a paragraph describing a rainstorm outside the window. How does it look? Sound? Feel to a person sitting inside?

To get involved and share your answers, sign up for the Launchpad Challenge today … and welcome!

T-minus 26 days to blastoff! A heavenly writing experience awaits you

Learn more about TimOn September 1st, you’re invited to join a great big group of us as we blast off on the ultimate writing adventure: writing the novel you’ve always wanted to write!

It’s the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge, and it’s 21 exciting days of finishing chapters, fine-tuning stories, and forging friendships.

While we wait for September to roll around, we’re also participating in discussions and sharing our writing.

Writers of all skill levels welcome!

Join us now and get involved in these writing activities in our private Facebook group:

Here’s what we’re talking about:

What genre will your novel be? Why do you like to write in this genre?

Here’s today’s writing prompt:

Write a paragraph or two describing the setting you’re in right now. Make us feel like we’re there!

Join us in the Launchpad Challenge today, and start meeting your fellow writers, sharing your work, and getting pumped up to write your novel in September!

What’s missing in your life? 3 ways writing a novel leads to personal fulfillment

Learn more about TimEver feel like something’s missing in your life, but you’re not sure what it is? Most of us have felt like this. But I have a good life, you might say, with good people in it. I’ve got a lot going for me.

So what gives?

Often, it’s not about what you have, it’s about what you aspire to. As a writer, you harbor big dreams and goals, and what’s missing is precisely that which you could have, but don’t—at least not yet.

You see, not everyone is like you. Many are perfectly content with their daily existence, never thinking much beyond what it takes to get through each day. This is not a good thing or a bad thing, by the way, it’s just that everyone wants something different out of life, and that’s okay.

But you are what I call a Seeker of Greatness, and there are many of us. Not “greatness” in the sense of arrogance or feeling superior to others, but instead a feeling of greatness in your own life. You have a strong desire to feel fulfilled by something you’ve created and given to the world.

Since writing a novel is one of the best ways to bring this about, I thought this would be a good time to talk about 3 ways writing a novel leads to personal fulfillment:

1. The little victories add up. Writing a novel is a big project, but just take it one step at a time. In fact, you have to—every novel starts as a mere idea in your head, and after that, it’s all about small wins that feel big. If you write your very first paragraph, for example, it’s a small step that is also a huge win. If you finish a chapter, that’s another. Spread out over time, these small victories keep you motivated and riding on cloud nine.

Sure, there will be days where you don’t feel inspired, but that makes the prolific days all the sweeter. What a feeling! These are the moments that could cause you to sit upright one day and realize, Aha, this is what’s been missing in my life!

2. It assures you that you’re working toward something larger than yourself. In some cases, quite literally “larger than yourself.” When Arnold Schwarzenegger was aspiring to his first “Mr. Universe” title for bodybuilding, he’d often be the one person who was actually smiling in a gym full of miserable faces. According to him, people would ask, “Why are you smiling all the time? Why are you so happy? You have to train 5 hours a day.” Schwarzenegger had a simple response. “I smile because I know exactly that every rep that I do, every set that I do, every weight that I lift, I get one step closer to turning that vision of mine into reality, of becoming Mr. Universe.”

Let’s hear that again: “I get one step closer to turning that vision of mine into reality.” Could you train yourself to think this way with every word you type, every paragraph you write, and every chapter you finish?

3. It’s a release. There’s been something nagging you for quite a while, a feeling that you have a story inside that needs to be told. So tell it! Many writers have described finishing their novels as a weight lifted off their shoulders. You may find that emotions you didn’t even know you were holding in suddenly come barging out, and you can’t help but wear a big smile around. You did it! Now that you’ve laid the foundation with your first published book, it’s time to start writing the next one. And it only gets easier from here, now that your first novel finally exists in the world.

And guess what? Your novel could exist as early as next month! Join us in the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge to blast off into the writing life you’ve always wanted. It’s more than just writing 1,000 words a day. It’s building friendships, developing habits that will serve you well, and creating a healthy relationship with writing.

As a Seeker of Greatness, you’ll never be able to stop going after it, no matter how many obstacles pop up.

Some may see this as a curse, but it’s actually a blessing of epic proportions. Remember, it is completely within your ability to produce a work of art that’s truly exceptional, and achieve the greatness you’ve been seeking all along. All you have to do is believe it’s possible.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

Happy writing,

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Re-invent yourself next month, and write your novel

Learn more about TimAs a writer, sometimes all you need is a fresh start, am I right?

Here’s your chance! Join our group of motivated writers, and spend 21 days writing your novel, sharing your chapters, and discussing the finer points of how to tell a great story. It’s a terrific way to learn, connect, and grow as a writer.

It all happens in the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge, which starts September 1st. But if you sign up now, you can get started right away planning out your characters and thinking about how you’d like your story to flow.

We’re a friendly and helpful bunch. Some of us have been writing together for years, others have just hopped on board. It’s great when new writers show up because not only do we get to sink our teeth into the new stories you bring, but we also enjoy getting to know you.

After 21 days, you’ll come out of the Launchpad Challenge feeling invigorated and refreshed—and with a brand-new novel to show for it.

If this is the first time you’ve ever written a novel, you’re bound to learn a lot. If you’re an experienced author, then we’ve got a lot to learn from you. Either way, join us in the Launchpad Challenge and we’ll all help each other out.

It’s like re-inventing your writing life and starting from scratch.

Sign up today and make the most of your September!

This September, become the author of a novel!

Learn more about TimIn a little over a month, as summer starts to wind down—at least in this half of the world—and thoughts of fall begin to swirl like crisp leaves inside your mind, it will be time to set your sights high on one of the lofiest goals you’ve ever had.

Writing your novel, that is.

The Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge kicks off September 1st, and it’s going to be lots of fun.

For 21 exciting days, you’ll write 1,000 words a day. You’ll be able to meet other talented writers who are success-minded just like you. In the midst of this positivity, you’re certain to feel plenty of motivation and encouragement as you write.

It’s a powerful way to write your first (or next) novel.

There are many benefits of being an independent—or “indie”—author. You retain full creative control over your work instead of having a publishing house dictate what needs to be changed. You get to keep 100% of your royalties, which can really add up over time. You keep all the rights to your work, which could end up being very valuable indeed, such as in the event of a movie deal.

The stage is set, the candles are lit, and you’re invited, no matter what your skill level.

Once you’ve published your first book on Amazon, you’re officially an indie author! You’ll be on your way toward the prolific writing career you’ve dreamed of.

Your moment has arrived.

This September, dream big, and take big action.

Join us for the Great Big Indie Author Launchpad Challenge, starting September 1st, 2021!