Dust off your manuscript…it’s time to win Book of the Year!

Learn more about TimRemember that book you wrote & published? It’s time to give it new life

by Timothy Pike

Have you published a novel? We’d love to read it!

Independent publishing is wonderful, and I firmly believe it’s where the world is headed. However, since anybody can publish anything now, it’s of utmost importance to make sure that every book published upholds a high standard of quality.

To help with this, I created ChapterBuzz, the novel-writing and book promotion platform that gives you the power to connect with readers and writers all over the world. Part of my mission is to make sure good writing is recognized and hard work is rewarded.

As anyone in our rapidly growing community of talented writers and eager readers can tell you, we love helping each other write the best possible books we can, offering each other feedback and encouragement to get them polished and published (before doubts start creeping in and excuses start to be made!)

It’s also why, this fall, I’m going to be announcing our biggest award yet: Book of the Year. Share your talent with us in the coming months, and you could win an award that we don’t give to just anyone.

It’s the first-ever Book of the Year Competition at ChapterBuzz, and it’s heating up. All we need is you!

Up for grabs is a prize package worth over $700, including an appearance on the cover of Books & Buzz Magazine, valuable credits to help you publish your next book, and a huge, one-year boost in Fame Points and visibility in our ChapterBuzz community.

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The recognition you deserve…for your novel!

Learn more about TimYou worked hard—possibly for many years—on your latest novel. And it’s an excellent read!

Now, make sure the world knows that by entering the Book of the Year Competition at ChapterBuzz, our supportive community of readers and writers.

You’ll build your Fan base, get expert reviews for your book, and have the chance to add a fabulous award to your collection—one that your book certainly deserves: Book of the Year.

As our winner, you’ll get the full promo treatment we reserve for ChapterBuzz celebrities. You’ll appear on the cover of our literary magazine, Books & Buzz Magazine, as our Author of the Year, and star in a feature article about you. Your winning book will also get top billing in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide.

Get your name out there!

It’s all within reach, you just need to enter. The deadline is coming up, so don’t delay:

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Book lovers, join us for this “all-you-can-read buffet”

Learn more about TimBook lovers, eat your heart out.

This November, you’re cordially invited to attend our November Book Reading Party at ChapterBuzz, where you’ll be able to read all of the books entered into our first-ever Book of the Year Competition, and help us choose a winner!

It runs all month long, and you can read at your leisure. After all, isn’t that what reading is all about?

ChapterBuzz is a rapidly growing community of authors who are steadily building their readerships, and readers who want to discover new authors and enjoy their stories.

This November, our talented writers are making their books available for you to read, free of charge. The Reading Party is also an open invitation to show support for your favorite author by purchasing a copy of his or her book on Amazon (or even a handful of copies—it’ll be holiday gift-giving time, after all!)

Your role this November is vital: when you read our books, “Buzz” our chapters, and share our work with your friends, you’ll be helping us choose the first-ever Book of the Year.

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Registration now open: Book of the Year Competition

Learn more about TimAt ChapterBuzz, we’re constantly on the lookout for new writing talent, and that’s why this November, we’re giving out the biggest award we’ve ever given.

It’s the Book of the Year Award, and you could be our big winner.

This is your chance to get your book in front of thousands of readers, get expert reviews, and even appear on the cover of Books & Buzz Magazine! It’s a prize package worth over $700.

So if you are the author of a published book (or plan to be soon), don’t miss out on this opportunity.

I’d love to see your book jump to the top of the ChapterBuzz Charts and see your name everywhere—as the author of our Book of the Year.

Registration is now officially open, so enter your book today!

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Have you written a novel? It could win Book of the Year

Learn more about TimHave you self-published a novel? Or are you about to?

If so, I have some exciting news: your book could win Book of the Year at ChapterBuzz!

This is your chance to get your name and writing in front of thousands of readers, get expert reviews for your book, and even take home the biggest award we’ve ever given: Book of the Year.

And of course, boost your book sales!

As our big winner, you’ll receive a prize package worth over $700:

  • Your smiling face on the cover of Books & Buzz Magazine
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Writers, 2019 is your year!

Books & Buzz Magazine, July 2019, Volume 1 Issue 11

You may be a writer, or you may be someone who loves reading great books. Either way, 2019 is going to be your year.

Why? Because at ChapterBuzz, we’re holding our very first Book of the Year Competition!

And even though only one book will win this November, everyone will benefit:

Readers, you’ll get to attend our virtual book fair, the November Book Reading Party, where you’ll spend the month of November discovering new books and reading—at your leisure—the best of what ChapterBuzz authors have to offer. The more you read, the more you’re helping your favorite authors win. RSVP now and I’ll send you a reminder later this year!

Writers, you’ll have the opportunity to attract new Fans, promote your published book (and your works-in-progress), and even end up on the cover of Books & Buzz Magazine. It’s a great way to get your name out there and sell copies of your novel—it’ll be holiday gift-giving time, after all.

The Book of the Year winner (and four finalists) will be announced in the December issue of Books & Buzz, but all books that receive positive reviews will be included in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide.

Think your book has what it takes? Learn all about it here.

Now, let’s talk about this month’s issue!

Regular contributor Tiffany S. Doran writes about her experience with refocusing—that is, training herself to see possibilities in life (and in writing) simply by changing her perspective. For example, let’s say you want to become a published author but are having doubts. “Don’t listen to the voice on your shoulder saying that no one will like it or no one will buy it,” Tiffany advises. “Flick him off your shoulder and say, ‘Watch me!'” Her article this month could inspire you to achieve greater heights.

And if you are looking to publish your book as soon as possible, check out my article, 3 quick-start ways to become a published author ASAP. You’ll learn the first simple steps you can take to be off to a running start, as well as how much time you’ll need before book launch.

Next, author Shirley Holder Platt wants you to know that if you’re not the type to sit down and plan your book in advance, you’re not alone. You might be happy to know that she and plenty of others write by the seat of their pants, too, and this month, Shirley offers up her five best writing tips for her fellow “pantsers.”

Decidedly not a pantser is our cover author this month, Jodé Millman, who spent years planning, researching, and outlining her recently published book, The Midnight Call. In fact, so caught up was she in the pre-writing process that looking back, she feels she may have just been stalling for time. “I think I was afraid to actually commit by sitting down and writing the damn book,” Jodé admits. But she put fear aside and not only wrote the book, but got it published too—and her book launch was just last month. You’ll learn all about this author and attorney who has lived most of her life in Poughkeepsie, New York, and bases her stories on actual crimes that happened there.

Whether you’re currently poolside—or cooling off indoors under a ceiling fan—pour yourself a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade, and enjoy this month’s issue of Books & Buzz Magazine.

Happy reading,

Timothy Pike
Editor-in-chief, Books & Buzz Magazine

The Power of ChapterBuzz: How feedback can help you write the perfect novel

Learn more about TimAsking for feedback as you write your novel is like having beta readers constantly at your beck and call. Here’s a guide.

by Timothy Pike

So you’ve written the first chapter of your novel and posted it on ChapterBuzz. Way to go!

Now, what do readers think?

Wait, you say. Isn’t it a little too soon to be asking for readers’ opinions?

No, it’s not! But don’t take my word for it. Many ChapterBuzz authors have told me how valuable their feedback has been, including award-winning author Dacia Arnold, who says, “It was refreshing to receive so much feedback on my work-in-progress that I can’t stop now. Thank you for creating this amazing opportunity.”

Asking for feedback opens up a direct line between you and the minds of your readers, so you know what they’re thinking. Chances are they’ll like what you’ve written. But they now have the chance to ask questions, point out something that didn’t make sense, or maybe even toss in an idea or two. Or just tell you how much they enjoyed reading it.

Our community of writers love helping each other out by reading each other’s work and giving their insight. Over the years, many professional connections—and even friendships—have been forged through the discussions that have unfolded. You’ll find it’s very motivating to write a book while surrounded by both writers and non-writers who are eager to help.

Many authors tend to write in solitude, emerging from their writing quarters only once their manuscripts are complete—and only then asking for anyone’s opinion.

But that’s risky.

It’s an author’s worst nightmare: spending the better part of a year (and often longer) writing a novel, only to publish it on Amazon and find out that readers are underwhelmed and the reviews are tepid.

Professional editors, writing coaches, and book reviewers can weigh in, too—and each will have unique takes on what they’ve read.

That’s why as you write your novel, it’s important to know what’s resonating with your readers, and what could use improvement. Sometimes small tweaks are all you need, and other times bigger changes are necessary. For example, maybe there’s a character that readers aren’t quite connecting with, and you soon realize the character is not even essential to the story. This gives you an opportunity to get rid of that character—and possibly even tighten up the plot!

Getting feedback at this stage, when your novel is just starting to take shape, can be incredibly helpful. In fact, early feedback is just as important to your published novel as a foundation is to a tall building. Why? Because if you spend time laying the groundwork, it’s much easier to build on.

Learning to give and receive feedback takes some time, but author Liberty Henwick, who won an award in the first-ever Challenge for her novel, P.S., has some advice:

How to receive feedback:

  1. Have a thick skin and be willing to listen to the suggestions your readers make with an open mind, so that they feel at liberty to be completely honest. You don’t want them to hide the painful truths!
  2. Don’t take criticism personally. It’s not you, but your writing that is being critiqued. It’s not unlikely that your work will need improvement—it will hardly ever be perfect the first time.
  3. You don’t have to take all advice on board. Sometimes you can stand by what you write if you feel strongly that there’s a good enough reason for it.

How to give feedback:

  1. Highlight any confusing passages and language that doesn’t make sense.
  2. Point out sections that are boring.
  3. Write down questions you have about the story so far that you’d like to see answered before the ending.

Liberty’s tips take into account two big truths of writing: That nothing’s going to be perfect at first (so don’t get discouraged by criticism), and that you’ll never be able to please everyone (so keep an open mind, but in the end, stick to what feels authentic to you).

It’s an author’s worst nightmare: spending the better part of a year writing a novel, only to publish it and find out that readers are underwhelmed and the reviews are tepid.

Your work can also benefit from different points of view. At ChapterBuzz, professional editors, writing coaches, and book reviewers can weigh in, too—and each will have unique takes on what they’ve read. For example, an editor might instantly spot a grammar mistake, while a book reviewer might compliment your character development—and even offer a suggestion to further improve it.

But as valuable as this input from those with keen, trained eyes may be, remember: since most of your readers—over the course of your career—are not going to be industry professionals (writers, editors, reviewers, etc.), the opinions of everyday readers can be every bit as valuable. After all, you don’t have to be a writer to know that you’re confused by a certain passage, that the middle of the book dragged, or that Michael’s daughter was named Angela in Chapter 4, and—oops!—April in Chapter 5. Most every work-in-progress is going to have “growing pains” such as these.

Here are some handy tips for using ChapterBuzz to get quality feedback, and more of it:

  • Start discussions often. When you start a discussion about one of your chapters, all of your Fans are notified so they can get involved. The best way to start a discussion is to ask for specific feedback about that particular chapter. What type of feedback do you want? Comments about grammar? Readability? Pacing? Reactions to the big plot twist? Ask and you shall receive!

    However, keep in mind that while these discussions will keep your Fans engaged and wanting to read more, posting constantly and repeatedly could turn some Fans away. Here’s how to avoid overposting:

    • Not recommended: Posting “Feedback welcome” on every single chapter. It’s vague, indirect, and can feel overwhelming to your Fans when they’re notified about that many conversation starters at once. Plus, posting repeatedly might cause the system to filter out what it perceives as duplicate content.
    • Recommended: Starting one or two discussions a day, and being specific in the feedback you’re looking for. A question like, “Does Tom’s response to Sara come across as down-to-earth or arrogant?” or even the slightly more broad, “Please let me know if the pace of this chapter is too slow,” will get you much more focused, helpful responses.
  • Remember your Circle. The more readers that can give you feedback, the better. But sometimes you want to limit feedback to those you know and trust. ChapterBuzz allows you to specify who can comment on your chapters, such as only those people you’ve chosen to add to your Circle.
  • Become Author of the Week. We’ll feature you all over the place, along with your book and your latest request for feedback—and it’s as simple as signing up each week. The more often you’re in the spotlight, the more likely people are to remember your name. And that’s powerful!

As you prepare your final draft for professional editing, a bonus benefit awaits. Since most editors will assess your manuscript before they agree to take it on, you want it to be as polished as possible before you submit it. Some editors might charge more if your manuscript isn’t up to a certain quality standard, and on the flip side, other editors might even give you a break on the total cost of the project if it looks like your manuscript presents a smaller challenge. It all boils down to time; the longer it takes to edit your novel, the more it will cost.

You’re more than welcome to stick an extra page into your book to mention the names of people whose feedback helped you the most during your writing journey. It’s not required, but it’s certainly a nice touch. “I put a thank you in the acknowledgment section to everyone on ChapterBuzz who commented and helped improve my book,” says Shirley Holder Platt, award-winning author of Mama Needs New Shoes.

At last, the day has arrived! Your book is now published and available for sale on Amazon, and you have every reason to be beaming with pride. At a time like this, any other author might be stricken with doubt and worry, with thoughts like, What will readers think? Will anyone buy it? Will the reviews be good?

But you can breathe easy; your ChapterBuzz novel is a cut above. You already know it’s a hit—your Fans have assured you of that!

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