Can you be a published author by spring? Spoiler alert: yes!

Learn more about TimYour shining moment has arrived.

Here’s your chance to get such a strong head start on your novel that it could even be on shelves by spring.

You may have thought this impossible—but I’m here to tell you it’s very much possible!

It all starts with the 10K Novel-Building Challenge at ChapterBuzz. You’ll start out by writing 10,000 words in the first week of October, then spend the rest of the month revising and adding chapters as you craft the perfect novel.

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Once the Challenge is over, you’ll have such a running start that it’ll be hard to put the pen down! As a ChapterBuzz member, you’ll have access to everything you need to write & publish your book while you grow your audience.

Your published novel could be on shelves by spring…all that’s left for you to do is get started!