Writing prompt, anyone? Let’s get that river of creative energy raging

Today’s visual writing prompt: Your favorite character somehow ends up in this setting. What is he or she thinking (or saying) right now?

For inspiration, think about how your character would react to a setting like this, the events that may have led your character here in the first place, or any surprises that await.

Photo credit: Ales Krivec

You can write as much as you want, but 35–40 words is plenty. Why only 35–40 words? I want to give you a taste of everyday life in the Page-a-Week Writers Club.

Post your response below, and star any others your like!

Then, find out more about the soon-to-be-launched Page-a-Week Club:

Writer’s block? This picture might help

Thursday off to a slow start? Here’s something fun to get the creative juices flowing.

Your challenge: write the first paragraph of a hypothetical novel based on this picture, and post it in the comment section below so we can all read it.

Any genre is fine!

Not sure how? Here are some tips for writing an introductory paragraph:

Go for it! Post your paragraph below, and be sure to “star” any others you like!