Novelists: How to write a first chapter that rocks!

Learn more about TimWriters, are you interested in attending a webinar?

I’m putting together a FREE, live webinar:

How To Write A First Chapter That Rocks

I’ll be moderating a panel of experts who will teach you everything you need to know about writing the perfect first chapter!

You’ll learn all sorts of tips and tricks, including:

-How to turn your vague ideas into a workable premise for a whole novel
-How to make your opening sentence and paragraph as intriguing as possible
-When you should first introduce your main character
-Why you might (or might not) want to end on a cliffhanger
-Beginner mistakes you should avoid because they can turn readers off

Sign up for details here

I would like to conduct this free webinar before the start of the next 365-Day Indie Author Challenge (starts on October 1st) so you can come into the Challenge even more prepared to tackle your first chapter during the first 30 days.

This free webinar will take place live within the next couple of weeks, but a recording will be saved in case you can’t make it to the live session.

We just need 25 interested writers! If we can get 25 interested writers, we’ll get the green light for the webinar!

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To your writing success,
Timothy Pike (Tim) | About me


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