Writers, save the date! The entire month of October

After a wildly successful first run, the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge is back, and starts October 1st.

What is it? It’s your chance to add 10,000 words to your novel, whether it’s currently a blank page, or halfway finished and gathering dust.

But it’s also a month-long, online writing retreat, where you’ll meet writers from around the world, each working on something incredible.

It’s an amazing experience. You’ll meet other writers who, like you, are super excited about their work. You’ll get valuable input from readers. You’ll be able to network with talented authors who would love to share their expertise with you.

Starting today, you can be the first to know when (free) registration opens! Sign up for e-mail updates here

This is your opportunity to buckle down and make 10,000 words’ worth of progress on your novel, get to know other authors, show off your progress with daily word count updates, and even win an award.

It all happens between October 1st & October 31st, so save the date! Learn more & get updates

This week, we’re writing about a bridge

What are we up to in the Page-a-Week Writers Club?

We’re letting our imaginations run wild with this week’s writing assignment, which is to write a short short story (about 250 words) that starts with the following sentence:

The bridge was out.

I plan to share the answers with everyone next week, so if you want in, join the Club!

We’re having a writing prompt contest!

This week’s writing contest is on!

Stop by the Page-a-Week Writers Club, where we’re having a contest this week around this writing prompt:

Your main character goes back in time 20 years, and notices one particular thing that makes him or her feel right at home…and not want to return to the future. What is it?

Here’s how to enter the contest:

  1. Join the Page-a-Week Writers Club
  2. Compose your response (at least 35 words) on your blog
  3. Contact me to send me the link to your blog post!

Can you write 35–40 words about this picture?

Today’s visual writing prompt from the Page-a-Week Writers Club:

In 35–40 words, describe the scene. Feel free to make up any details about what’s going on, any characters involved, etc., in order to make it work for your genre. With only 35—40 words available to you, word economy is key!

Post your response in the comments below, and if you’re not already a member of the Club, join in!

Photo credit: Marcelo Quinan

When writing feels like a chore? Power through

I’m guessing that as a writer, you love to write, and happily find time most days to get your ideas out onto paper.

But I’m also guessing that other days, you’re not exactly springing out of bed and jumping into your writing chair.

In fact, some days, writing can feel very much like a chore.

It’s perfectly normal, and here’s the thing: you’d be hard-pressed to find one big-name author who has never had plenty of days where writing felt like drudgery. It was the master of suspense himself, Stephen King, who said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

Meaning you have to do it even when you don’t want to. That’s what separates a hobbyist from a professional.

And if it’s your dream to be (or you already are) a professional, published author, it’s important to treat writing as your job.

When you can bring yourself to sit down and get some work done on the days where writing feels like a bit of a slog, you’ll feel that much better on the good days, fueled even more by the enjoyment, creative wonder, and sense of possibility that comes with writing a novel, knowing that you are a professional and you are making progress, rain or shine.

And hey, the good news? Unlike a traditional day job, you get to set your own schedule!

I encourage you to join the Page-a-Week Writers Club—it’s a great way to get writing on a regular basis, meet and network with other authors, and turn writing into a habit—even if, like most of us, you’re busy busy busy! Join now

Starts today! The exact opposite of NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is a month-long writing marathon where participants all scramble to throw together 50,000 words as if their lives depended on it.

The Page-a-Week Writers Club, however, is opposite in almost every respect. And it starts today!

How does it differ?

You don’t need to take a month off work and send your kids to camp. Go about your busy life, resting assured that you’ll be making steady progress on your book. E-mail encouragement will show up in your inbox, and other writers will be around for support.

You can keep your hair, because you won’t feel the need to tear it out. There’s no pressure to pull 1,500 words out of thin air every single day just to get them down on paper. Your writing area won’t be buried under hundreds of sticky notes. A page a week is only 35–40 words a day, so you could literally write one sentence before bed and fall asleep smiling.

It won’t just end, leaving you unsure how to proceed. We’re in this for the long haul—and we aim to make weekly writing a habit! Stay in the Club as long as you want. You’ll have opportunities to share your work with others and get feedback, so that you’re not writing frantically for hours every day only to end up with some half-formed manuscript that you have no idea what to do with—while wondering how it will be received by readers.

Join this elite group of writers today!