What will a longstanding, unfailing passion for writing get you? Published

Apparently, crystals were falling from the sky the day Shana Antoine was born. For the uninitiated, that’s snow, as she’s quick to clarify. But if that doesn’t make it apparent that she was born to be a writer, Shana recalls a particularly memorable fourth-grade assignment that should leave no doubt. Her English teacher had asked everyone in the class to write a one-page story using some of the words they had just learned. Well, long after everyone else had handed in their single sheets of paper, here comes Shana lugging a ten-page tome—but one the teacher was so impressed with that she insisted Shana put it into book form for display in the school library.

And that was just the beginning. Since then, this party-girl-turned-yogi has had her work published in Thought Catalog and Elite Daily, and the list is growing.

Read on for a beautifully written piece on what inspires Shana’s writing. And if it leaves you feeling inspired yourself, find out how to share your writing with the rest of us and be featured on this blog.

Photo credit: Shana Antoine

Photo credit: Shana Antoine

Shana’s two cents:

I can never give a clear answer to the question, “Why do you write?”

For me, writing is a stress reliever. It helps to jot down my feelings whenever something stimulating happens in my life, good and bad.

I write because I admire honesty. And I write because not many people can handle that honesty aloud.

I write when the spoken word is simply not enough. Getting my thoughts down on paper (or in Word documents) helps me to better understand myself, others, and the torments/joys we impose on each other every single day.

I write because my computer and pen don’t judge me. And I write because I can retract. We cannot take back anything we say or do. Life has no BACKSPACE.

I write to tell stories outside of my own. When souls from other realms ceaselessly tap their little hands on my shoulder and pick at my brain…begging to be born…begging to have their stories told. I am slave to them. I always do as they say.

I write to challenge the rules. Ellipses, I have been taught, are always a no-no.

I write to remember. I write to forget.

But I suppose this all boils down to having some kind of release.

For some people it is work, for others it is weed.

But in my case it always has been, and always will be, writing.

So, what about you? Why is it that you write?

You can find this piece on Shana’s blog, Scappiamo, along with all sorts of stuff about her and her writing life. Check it out!

And you’re next. Share with us what inspires your writing for a chance to be featured on this blog!


15 thoughts on “What will a longstanding, unfailing passion for writing get you? Published

  1. Reblogged this on Scappiamo and commented:
    I am excited to say that I am today’s feature writer of the blog, “What Inspires Your Writing?” I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tim for sharing and believing in my work. Check out his website! Submit today to have a chance at having your work featured.

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  2. To Timothy: Thanks for the FOLLOW!!! I’m following back because I think you have a good thing going on here. Kudos!!! 😀

    To Shana: “I write because my computer and pen don’t judge me. And I write because I can retract. We cannot take back anything we say or do. Life has no BACKSPACE.” I like the reasons you enumerated, but this one, I can most relate to…Keep on writing!!! 🙂

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  3. It is a difficult question to answer but the best answer I have come across is “swantah sukhai”. Tulsi Das the author of ‘Sri Ramcharitmanas’ – the story of Ram justified his creation by this sanskrit phrase meaning ‘for my own pleasure’.

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  4. Yes, I completely agree. There is something special in writing that can’t be found on other activities…and it has to do with the power words have to relieve us, lift us, and inspire us. I also believe in writing as an effective stress reliever. Thanks Timothy and Shana!!

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