Can you write 35–40 words about this picture?

Today’s visual writing prompt from the Page-a-Week Writers Club:

In 35–40 words, describe the scene. Feel free to make up any details about what’s going on, any characters involved, etc., in order to make it work for your genre. With only 35—40 words available to you, word economy is key!

Post your response in the comments below, and if you’re not already a member of the Club, join in!

Photo credit: Marcelo Quinan


6 thoughts on “Can you write 35–40 words about this picture?

      • I’m trying to think of something to write based on the picture, but the only thing that comes to mind as I see myself paddling in the boat and the wind whips around me as the waves crash around the snowcapped mountains but I can’t think of a story idea that goes with it.


  1. Not a description. a flash fiction:
    “Home?” the rookie asked.
    “Two days,” his captain replied.
    “Our catch?”
    “Back out?”
    Captain eyed the horizon. “Repairs’ll take three days. A week, max.”
    The rookie grinned. “Three days with Emma.”
    “Got the ring yet?”

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  2. The wind blew cold across the water this morning. He didn’t ever remember a time so miserable. He longed to be back at home, curled up beside his wife Fiona. He dreaded leaving her after an intense night of passionate love making. Her body longed to be touched this morning as she reached for him as he stood up to get ready. He could see it in her soft hazel eyes. He ran his fingers through her chestnut brown hair. Her lips yearned for yet more sensual kisses. “I’ll be back before you know it.” He said as he bent down to kiss her soft lips. His body ached for her just as much but he had to work. He had to be out here on this damn boat. But beside Fiona, was a much better place to be than out here on the frigid, choppy water, surrounded by snow covered mountains catching fish.


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