In life, as in writing, there’s always something around the next curve

Breathe deep. Feel that? It’s not just the crisp mountain air of the Sierra Nevadas. It’s a fresh perspective, an attitude toward life that leaves one feeling…hopeful. After all, according to Elizabeth Preston, “Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”

What you’ll find when you look past her boundless optimism is a quintessential American writer (with a master’s degree in it!), an academic perfectionist (4.0 GPA!), and a person who has her hands in about a million different writing projects at once. And she does indeed live at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as the name of her blog implies.

So, Elizabeth, what inspires your writing?

Elizabeth’s two cents:

Every time I look at this picture, I’m reminded of two things that continually inspire me: 1) that life is a constant journey, and 2) that there’s always something else around that curve. It could be a good something, it could be a bad something, but I’ll never know unless I keep chugging away.

—Elizabeth Preston
At the Foot of the Sierras

How about you? What inspires your writing? Enter the contest and be featured on this blog!


10 thoughts on “In life, as in writing, there’s always something around the next curve

  1. Hello Timothy, First of all, thanks for the follow. Secondly, I read this post and there are so many different things that inspire me to write, but to put it into words, I’d have to say, people and their obstacles inspire me to write. Since I’m a romance writer, it’s their emotional and physical obstacles of finding and enduring various forms of love.


  2. Hi Timothy – Thanks very much for following my blog! I’m exploring yours and it’s great to find useful writing tips here.


  3. Great advice here! I am so happy that you found my blog. Thank you for stopping by and adding me, and I will continue to seek yours out for information and inspiration. 🙂 As for what inspires me… travel and beauty outdoors, and, oddly enough, life stress.


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